Friday, September 2, 2016

Farmville Tropic Escape - Where can I find my quests?

Tap on the Quest Clipboard icon to open the Quest Log.
The Quest Log shows the available quests in the game. Scroll left to right to see all of the quests.
The title of the quest appears above the character’s head. The Daily Request (far left) also shows a timer for how long this daily quest is available to be completed.
Tap on a quest to read the story and see the tasks for that quest.
A green check means that the task has been completed.
If a task shows a Gem price, it means you can spend that number of Gems to skip the task and complete the quest task instantly.
NOTE: If you skip a task to craft something, you will not receive that crafted item.
A quest task that asks you to craft Goods will not count Goods that are already in your storage, Goods purchased from the Trade Boat, or gotten from the Sunken Temple.
If there is no Gem price, you cannot skip that task.
Remember to check your quests regularly and collect rewards for completing them!
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