Saturday, September 3, 2016

Farmville Tropic Escape - What is the Boathouse?

The Boathouse is one of the buildings you can find in your island that is used for storage.
The Boathouse stores Goods that you craft, storage parts, Tools, ingredients collected from Animals, and other types of items are stored.
Tap the Boathouse to see what’s stored inside it.
This is the Boathouse storage window. In the bar at the top, the number on the left is how many items you have stored. The number on the right is the total space you have for storage.
You can upgrade your Boathouse to increase its storage capacity by having the required storage parts. The best ways to obtain storage parts are:
  • fill guest orders at the Order Board (they sometimes give you bonus parts)
  • sent Guides and Guests to Landmarks (such as the Coral Reef and Hot Spring)
  • open Treasure Chests at the Sunken Temple
  • You can instantly upgrade your storage using Gems instead of storage parts.
    Warning**: If your Silo or Boathouse is full, a red “X” appears next to each of the stored Goods. Tapping on a red “X” will trash all of those Goods in that storage slot. They cannot be recovered once they’ve been trashed, so be careful what you tap!
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