Saturday, September 3, 2016

Farmville Tropic Escape - How do I sell Goods? What is my Trade Boat?

You can sell Goods by filling guest orders at the Order Board, but you can also sell Goods at your Trade Boat, which is near your Boathouse. Goods placed on the Trade Boat are offered for sale to other players.
Tap on the Trade Boat to open the Sell Your Goods window.
Tap any empty slot to get started. You can use Gems to purchase an extra slot if you run out of room.
Select an item you want to sell from either your Boathouse or Silo.
After selecting an item, look at the settings on the right beneath the item.
You can use the top bar to increase or decrease the quantity you want to sell by using the " - " (minus) or " + " (plus) buttons.
Use the second bar to increase or decrease the selling price you want to set by using the " - " (minus) or " + " (plus) buttons.
Tap on Sell Now! when you're ready to put those Goods up for sale. Once you've started the sale, you cannot retrieve those Goods.
If you’ve used all of your slots, you'll need to wait until your Goods are sold before you can add more Goods to sell, or use Gems to purchase another permanent slot.
Remember to check your Trade Boat to see when your Goods have sold and to collect your coins! Eventually, any Goods for sale on the Trade Boat will sell.
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