Monday, February 8, 2016

Wizard of Oz Slots - What is the Road to Riches and how do I play it?

The Road to Riches: Wizard Challenge is a 5-day event. This timed-event consists of challenges that are prompted as you play along your regular game. 

Below is the initial prompt you will get upon loading the game:

As soon as you click "OK", you will be shown with the Road Map of Challenges as shown below:


It will show your progress and the Current Challenge that you have to complete as shown below: 


Depending on the challenge, the Road to Riches registers the requirement as you spin and play. 


A thumbnail is available at the left corner of your game screen so you can check the status of the Challenge even while you are playing.


Once you completed the challenge, you will be able to collect the specific reward and a wheel upgrade.


Each completed challenge improves your Final Wheel where you will collect as soon as you completed all the challenges.


Note: Each collected upgrade from each challenge is shown in the Final Wheel.
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