Friday, January 15, 2016

FarmVille Harvest Swap - FIXED! Cannot Load Game On Desktop?

We have received reports from our fellow farmers who are not able to access the game on their desktop and just seeing a white screen when trying to load the game. 

Please try clearing your browser's cache and remove the app and reinstall it to be able to play again!

Here's how to Clear Cache.

Here's how to remove and reinstall the app.
1. Hover your mouse beside the game app.
2. A gear icon will appear on the left side.
3. Click on it and choose "Remove App"
4. Access the game thru this link (
There's no need to create a support ticket, but if you are affected by this, please click on the "Fix it, Zynga!" button below to help us track the affected players.

Thank you for your patience.
FarmVille Harvest Swap Player Support
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