Sunday, May 31, 2015

FarmVille 2 - The Snail Garden!

Hey Farmers! Here comes the Snail Garden where you can win awesome rewards by collecting Snails.

If you are level 15, the "A Snail Tale" popup will appear in your game. To kick-off this feature, click on the “Start Building” button:

  Snail Garden - FarmVille 2

You will then have to complete two steps to finish the Snail Garden. The first step is to gather building materials:

Snail Garden - FarmVille 2

Next step is to invite Friends to be your Crew:

  Snail Garden - FarmVille 2

Once you've completed the steps, this is how the finished Snail Garden will look:

  Snail Garden - FarmVille 2
Click on the building to open the “It's All Smooth Snailing” menu: 

  Snail Garden - FarmVille 2

There are three ways to get Snails. One is to harvest Crops. To increase your chances of finding Snails, use Fertilizers:

Snail Garden - 6

You can also buy Snails or craft Snail Treats.

Snail Garden - FarmVille 2

Here are the rewards you can get:

  Snail Garden - FarmVille 2

When you have collected all these prizes, you will receive the baby Ginger Water Deer and 10 Favors!

It's very easy to get these rewards, so start harvesting your crops and collect those Snails!

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

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Friday, May 29, 2015

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Something Puzzling is Coming to the Farm – Ready, Set, Swap! (FramVille)

Zynga is bringing a brand new adventure to the mobile farm with the launch of FarmVille: Harvest Swap. Starting today, FarmVille: Harvest Swap, a fast-paced and fun Match-3 puzzle game set within the charming world of FarmVille, is available to play worldwide.

In FarmVille: Harvest Swap, players journey through exciting challenges with help from popular FarmVille characters, swiping and swapping their way along a series of adventures. The scenario-based game brings never-before-seen challenges to farm life, including saving your barn from fire and navigating extreme weather conditions, as you travel along a progression map of dynamic, explosive 3-D puzzles.
A fresh take on the popular Match-3 genre, FarmVille: Harvest Swap gives players more choices on how to clear their gameboard than ever before. Whether it’s a swap-to-match, swipe-to-clear or uncovering power-ups, strategy and quick thinking are key to mastering each level. Two by two matching forms special crates to swipe in all eight directions, a feature not seen on any Match-3 game available today. Starting today, players can experience 160 exciting levels in 10 story-based regions including Barn’s a Blazing, Bunny Bonanza, Cold Snap, Chasing Chickens, Tornado Turmoil and Bad Doggie.
FarmVille: Harvest Swap is now available worldwide on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touchGoogle PlayFacebook and the Amazon App Store for Kindle devices.
Collect your corn, cabbage and more, and let the matching begin!
originally posted on Zynga Blog

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FarmVille 2 Labrador Puppies

Introducing Labrador Puppies! You’ll find the friendly competition even more fun this time around! Don’t believe us? Take a look at this video! #FarmVille2onWeb

Play now:

FarmVille 2 - Labradors Are Here!

Note: Some players may not have access to all of the features listed below. To ensure that FarmVille 2 remains an enjoyable experience for as many players as possible, we are slowly releasing content over the coming months. We are very excited to get these features out to all of you as soon as possible, and we appreciate your continued patience. 

The second set of Dogs has arrived! You will be competing with Barbara, Gus, and Cornelius for the right to the first pick of the litter! Earn Puppy Points by completing tasks and you will earn awesome rewards along the way! Finish the race to adopt a Labrador Puppy.

If you are level 17 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click on the "Show Me!" button to get started.

Labradors - FarmVille 2

In order to gain an early access to the feature, you can donate money, which will be given to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Along with the early access, you will also get Bonus Puppy Points, a Premium Doghouse, and a Rare Baby Chicken!
Note: The ASPCA is a limited time offer that will expire by June 1, 2015. For more details, please view the official announcement on the website: HERE

  Labradors - FarmVille 2
Note: Purchasing the early access is optional. Waiting for the countdown to finish will grant you the feature for free.

The Puppy Adoption Race:
Click on the Doghouse to open the main menu. This will show you your current number of Puppy Points along with your current place among the four participants.

Labradors - FarmVille 2

In order to earn Puppy Points and to be on your way to earn great rewards, you will first need to complete the Puppy Adoption Race tasks. Each task is different and will earn you corresponding Puppy Points. As you earn Puppy Points, your avatar will move along the Progress Bar, which has three Milestones. Each Milestone, will grant you a special reward and a green checkmark will indicate a Milestone's completion.

Labradors - FarmVille 2

Note: The Puppy Adoption Race uses up the goods you have crafted to complete the Race's task.

The Labrador Puppy:
Once you have collected 750 Puppy Points, you will see the following pop-up. Click on the "Okay" button to pick your Labrador Puppy and name it.

  Labradors - FarmVille 2

Choose a Puppy:
You will have the ability to give your Labrador Puppy a name once you have chosen it. Click on the “Get Puppy” button after you have entered its name. Click on the "Get Puppy!" button after entering the desired name.

Labradors - FarmVille 2

Note: Your new Puppy will require Baby Bottles to become an Adult Dog. Keep an eye out for your Puppy as it tends to wander on your farm!

Using the Adult Dog:
After you fertilize and harvest your Crops, you have a chance for your new companion to dig up bonus Prize Crops!

  Labradors - FarmVille 2

You can see your Labrador in action on your farm!

  Labradors - FarmVille 2

Additional Information:
  • You are limited to one Labrador per farm.
  • The Puppy Adoption Race will never expire.
  • You will only compete in the Puppy Adoption Race with Barbara, Gus, and Cornelius. You will not compete with your Friends or Neighbors.
  • The Adult Dog can be stored in your Inventory. Note: When your Adult Dog is stored in your inventory, you will not receive additional Prize Crops when harvesting fertilized crops.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Farmville Lab Puppies

Introducing Labrador Puppies! You’ll find the friendly competition even more fun this time around! Don’t believe us? Take a look at this video! #FarmVille2onWeb

FarmVille 2 - Spruce up your Farm with Pink Dalhias!

Spruce up your Farm with Pink Dalhias LE - FarmVille 2

New “Spruce up your Farm with Pink Dalhias” Limited Edition items are now available in the General Store! Please see below for details on our latest release and let us know what your favorite item is by commenting on this post!
New Limited Edition Trees (Level 7):
  • Spanish Cork Oak Tree – 12 Farm Bucks
  • Striped Calamondin Tree – 13 Farm Bucks
  • Heirloom Striped Calamondin Tree – 22 Farm Bucks
  • Golden Chain Tree – 13 Farm Bucks
  • Heirloom Spanish Cork Oak Tree – 21 Farm Bucks
  • Heirloom Golden Chain Tree – 22 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Animals:
  • Baby Valgerola Goat – 21 Farm Bucks
  • Brown African Clawless Otter – 41 Farm Bucks
  • Baby Lavender Silkichin Chicken – 20 Farm Bucks
  • Baby Red Charolais Cow – 30 Farm Bucks
  • Valgerola Goat – 38 Farm Bucks
  • Red Charolais Cow – 43 Farm Bucks
  • Baby Brown African Clawless Otter – 28 Farm Bucks
  • Lavender Silkichin Chicken – 37 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Crops:
  • Pink Dahlia – 46 Coins, used in Recipes          

Crafting Kitchen Recipes:
  • Striped Calamondin Pie – Striped Calamondin + Pie Crust, sells for 3,970 Coins
  • Striped Calamondin Lassi – Striped Calamondin + Half and Half, sells for 3,990 Coins

Crafting Workshop Recipes
  • Pink Dahlia Wreath – Pink Dahlia + Wool Bolt, sells for 2,500 Coins
  • Pink Dahlia Bouquet – Pink Dahlia + Flask, sells for 2,580 Coins
  • Golden Chain Floral Earrings – Golden Chain + Metal Sheet, sells for 3,980 Coins
  • Cork Oak Snail Coaster – Spanish Cork Oak + Piece of Wood, sells for 3,570 Coins

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Breakfast is on the table to get your week off to a great start!
Breakfast Coins:

Event - Spring Daisy Dash (Looney Tunes Dash)

Hi Runners!

Here's a fun way to get some amazing rewards. We will regularly hide items throughout the game and all you have to do is find them to earn prizes such as Lives, Coins or Looney Bucks. 

For this week, we have hidden Daisies. You will find them in the 5 levels that are denoted by Daisies on the map. Look for the item's symbol in the levels so you will know which item you will have to look for.

Once you've collected all the items in one level, another level will open up so you can collect more. Remember, you must win the level to earn the items you found there.

You will be able to complete 3 phases in each event. 

Each completed phase will give you a Treasure Chest from which you will have a chance to win one of these rewards: Lives, Coins or Looney Bucks. 

To see your Status and know how many more you need to collect for each phase, tap the Events icon at the bottom of the map.

Make sure you will get your reward by clicking on the Tap To Collect button:

That's all folks!

Looney Tunes Dash! Player Support


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Monday, May 25, 2015

FarmVille - Dragon Breeding - FAQ

Howdy Farmers, 

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Dragon Breeding that we hope you will find helpful. 

> Q: Where do I find Dragon Breeding and enter the Dragon Eyrie?

A: You can enter the Dragon Eyrie through the building on the farm or by clicking on the HUD icon. It can be found in the Market for 0 coins and only one can be placed per farm. You can also access it through the HUD icon on the right side of the game screen. First time you click on the icon you will get the option to place the Dragon Eyrie on to the farm. You can also access the Dragon Eyrie by clicking on this icon thereafter until it is available in the game. 

> Q: Where do I find it on Avalon? 

A: The Dragon Eyrie building cannot be sold, bought from market/placed or moved on the Avalon Farms. 

> Q: What do I get to start off with Dragon Breeding? 

A: You get the following to start off with Dragon Breeding: 
- 10 Herbs of Love 
- 10 of Fire 
- 1 Male and 1 Female dragon – Unlocked in your Dragon Eyrie or find them in the Giftbox 
Players start off with randomly assigned parent dragons from the set and acquire the others as they level up. This makes one player's experience of the feature unique from their neighbors. 

> Q: What is Dragon Eyrie? 

A:It is a place to view your locked/unlocked male or female dragons that can be bred. 

> Q: Can I store Dragons in the Eyrie? 

A: No, you can only view the options from which you can choose your parent dragons to breed here. You will find your Dragons in the Gift Box and they can be placed on the Farm or stored on Dragon Lair.

> Q: What happens after the Dragons have laid the egg? 

A: Your Dragons fly back to the Eyrie after laying the egg. They can start another breeding again. 

> Q: What happens after the egg hatches?

A: Hatching the egg gives birth to the new dragon offspring. This adds one level to your breeding level on the egg meter.

Each breed gives out one breeding point.

Four Breeding points gives you a level up.

> Q: How many nests can I unlock? 

A: Maximum of 4 nests can be unlocked.


> Q: What does the green tick mark on the offsprings in your Dragon Family mean?

A: The green tick mark on the offspring means that you have got it at least once. 

> Q: Can I alter the outcome?

A:Yes, you can alter the outcome if the breeding has not started. 

> Q: How can I get herbs of love? 

A: You can get them in 3 ways:

  • “Ask” your friends. 
  • “Craft” it in the craft shop. On each craft, you get one herbs of love.
  • You can “Buy” them. 

Herbs of love have an inventory limit of 20. If you have reached limit then you cannot ask your friends or craft them in the craft shop. However, you can buy them for Farm Cash. 

Note: Herbs of love cannot be gifted from the free gifts page.

> Q: How can I get Fire? 

A: You can get them in 3 ways: 

  • “Ask” your friends. 
  • “Craft” it in the craft shop. On each craft, you get two fire.
  • You can “Buy” them. 

Fire have an inventory limit of 50. If you have reached limit then you cannot ask your friends or craft them in the craft shop. However, you can buy them for Farm Cash. 

Note: Fire cannot be gifted from the free gifts page.

> Q: What is the maximum number of visiting dragons I can have at any given point of time? 

A: Maximum of two - 1 Male and 1 Female.

> Q: Can I share visiting dragon from my Eyrie with my friends?

A: No, you cannot share the visiting dragon from your Eyrie. 

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