Thursday, July 23, 2015

FarmVille - Gypsy Trader FAQ

Howdy Farmers!

A gypsy caravan has arrived in FarmVille! Collect the herd of deer Tzigane the Gypsy Trader brought with her!

We've compiled the Frequently Asked Questions of deer-herding farmers about our newest feature.

Q: Why can't I plant crops for the Gypsy Trader? What is the difference compared to planting/harvesting normal crops?
A: The Gypsy Trader feature allows you to plant on one plot at a time. Plots have to be plowed to make use of the plant option inside the caravan. Vehicles aren't used if you are planting from the feature. Click here for the tip to plant faster!

Q: I can't trade my Bushels for the deer! Why don't they appear in the Gypsy Trader?
A: Instead of Midnight Azalea, Garnet Poppy, and Gilded Carnation Bushels, Tzigane is trading the deer for the gems that you get from harvesting these crops. You must trade yourSapphire ChunksGarnet Stones, and Gypsy Gold for the deer.

Q: What are the different ways to collect Sapphire Chunks, Garnet Stones, and Gypsy Gold?
A: Farmers have 3 ways to get these gems:

  • Earn them by harvesting enough Midnight Azaleas, Garnet Poppies, and Gilded Carnations.
  • You can ask help from your friends through posting every six hours.
  • Click your friends' posts for any of the three gems and get the same for helping!
  • Buy them with Farm Cash.

Q: Why am I not getting enough Sapphire Chunks, Garnet Stones, and Gypsy Gold from harvesting?
A: Tzigane specified the following ratio of how many plots per gem bag can be gained from your harvest:

  • Plant and harvest 20 Midnight Azaleas to get 1 Sapphire Chunk
  • Plant and harvest 30 Garnet Poppies to get 1 Garnet Stone
  • Plant and harvest 40 Gilded Carnations to get 1 Gypsy Gold

Q: Until when can I interact with the Gypsy Trader?
A: Tzigane agreed to stay longer and will be in FarmVille until August 10!

Build your deer family now!

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