Thursday, June 25, 2015

CastleVille Legends - Enter the Shifting Sands guide

Hail Adventurers!
“Enter the Shifting Sands” is here!
The Event “Enter the Shifting Sands” is broken up into three consecutive Chapters that unlock over time.
If you are level 19 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click on the “To the rescue!” button to begin.
“Enter the Shifting Sands” Event Quests
Complete each chapter to earn awesome rewards including new Mystery Rewards and unlock the Ultimate Reward! Each chapter will unlock over time. To see the current chapter, click on the Progress Bar at the bottom of the screen. The first tab of the Event Center shows all the chapters required to complete the event. Quest chapters have a number of quests to complete, and new quests unlock after a certain time. The Day Counter will show you how long until a new chapter series unlocks automatically.  You can see more details on a quest by clicking the Continue (if you have started the quest) or Accept (if you have not started the quest) button.
In addition, your Progress Bar will fill up for each task you complete.
From the Overall Progress tab of the Event Center, click on the “Quests” button to access those particular quests (see image below).
Each chapter starts with the first quest unlocked. As you complete each quest more will unlock every few days. In addition, every week a new set will unlock.
Final reward for this event:
Featured Items:
Chapter 1 is as follows:
Quest 1:1 “The Sands of Time 1 of 4”
  1. Craft Brass Gears
  2. Craft Enchanted Shields
  3. Rescue Meryl
Quest 1:2 “The Sands of Time 2 of 4”
  1. Craft Camping Tents
  2. Collect Pumpkins
  3. Craft Sweetberry Bars
Quest 1:3 “The Sands of Time 3 of 4”
  1. Craft Purple Striped Blankets
  2. Collect Fiery Pollen
  3. Craft Fire Blossom Lanterns
Quest 1:4 “The Sands of Time 4 of 4”
  1. Send Meryl to the Well of Wishes once
  2. Collect new Silver Wire
  3. Craft Basilisk Bandages
Chapter 2 is as follows:
Quest 2:1 “Welcome Back, Meryl! 1 of 4”
  1. Collect Stardust
  2. Craft Toy Dragons
  3. Craft Opal Stardust Ring
Quest 2:2 “Welcome Back, Meryl! 2 of 4”
  1. Craft Copper Shades
  2. Collect Chili Peppers
  3. Craft Lava Hammers
Quest 2:3 “Welcome Back, Meryl! 3 of 4”
  1. Craft Basilisk Necklaces
  2. Craft Toy Phoenix
  3. Fully tend Small Fireworks Crates
Quest 2:4 “Welcome Back, Meryl! 4 of 4”
  1. Craft Reinforced Gloves
  2. Craft Obsidian Beads
  3. Fully tend Large Fireworks Crates
Chapter 3 is as follows:
Quest 3:1 “Griffon Feathers 1 of 4”
  1. Expand to the Griffon’s Nest
  2. Collect Black Powder
  3. Send Meryl to the Griffon’s Nest
Quest 3:2 “Griffon Feathers 2 of 4”
  1. Collect Phoenix Feathers
  2. Craft Stardust Lanterns
  3. Craft Plain Bandages
Quest 3:3 “Griffon Feathers 3 of 4”
  1. Craft Silvery Gloves
  2. Collect Lemons
  3. Send Meryl and Magnus to the Griffon’s Nest
Quest 3:4 “Griffon Feathers 4 of 4”
  1. Craft Phoenix Lanterns
  2. Craft Obsidian Button Pouches
  3. Visit the Griffon’s Nest a number of times.
Enjoy the game adventurer!
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