Friday, May 1, 2015

Nepal Earthquake Relief with Direct Relief International

In response to the Nepal Earthquake, Zynga games have partnered with Direct Relief International to provide medical assistance to the Kathmandu valley. Check out the participating games and have your gameplay support the Nepal Earthquake relief efforts!
Direct Relief is mobilizing life-saving medical aid to help the people affected the earthquake. In addition, Direct Relief is also making an initial cash commitment of $500,000 for the immediate deployment of emergency medical response personnel and essential health commodities.  Direct Relief’s emergency response team is working in Nepal, assessing the urgent health needs and managing the distribution of medical aid to healthcare partners. 100% of the donations they receive now will go directly to Nepal Earthquake relief.
Here are the participating games:
CastleVille Legends
A limited edition Nepali Temple will benefit Direct Relief.*
Play here.
FarmVilleA limited edition Gracious Spring Pegasus will benefit Direct Relief.*
Play here.
100% of our value of credits wagered will benefit Direct Relief.**
Play here.
The “Helping “Hands” feature will allow players to contribute 15% of their chip winnings to unlock a donation from Zynga of up to $50,000 to Direct Relief.***
Play here.
Wizard of Oz Slots100% of our value of credits wagered will benefit Direct Relief.****
Play here.
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