Friday, April 17, 2015

How does Zynga Poker determine which League Tier and Subtier I am placed in?

Hi Ace,

You might be wondering how Zynga Poker determines which League Tier and Subtier you are placed in. 

League participants’ League Tier and Subtier placement at the beginning of the POKER LEAGUES is determined by their best week during the most recent four weeks of play. The best week is determined by the week in which they won the most chips without discounting for chips lost. 

Based on this criteria, all League participants are ranked and placed into their initial Tiers and Subtiers – the top-most players being placed in Diamond I and the bottom-most players being placed in Bronze III. Each week, players will be promoted or demoted one Subtier based on the number of chips won without discounting for chips lost if they are in that percentage of players in their League Subtier shown respectively in the Promotion or Demotion columns in the chart below. 

Click on "Learn More" button in the Zynga POKER LEAGUE for more information about the Tier Ranks and the rewards for getting promoted.

You may also check the Zynga Poker League Rules to gain insight on how League Points are earned.

See you at the tables!

Zynga Poker Support
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