Monday, April 13, 2015

CastleVille Legends - Myra’s Market Merchant Bonus Guide

Hail Adventurers!

As you may have noticed, there’s a new addition to Myra’s Markets, the Merchant Bonus. Sell your items quickly in order to earn Myra’s Favor!

You will notice one of your Markets will have this icon:

This means the Merchant Bonus is active for this Market for a limited time. When you tap on it, you will see the usual list of orders, along with a new meter at the right side:

Fill the meter by selling the items to this Market to earn Myra’s Favor. Once you fill the bar, you will earn 1 Level and reset the timer at the bottom to 24 hours.

NOTE: You have 24 hours to fill the meter in order to level up Myra’s Favor level. If you’re unable to fill the bar, you will lose 1 level! There’s also a chance the Merchant Bonus will move on to a different Market.

In order to find out the possible rewards you’ll get from filling up the bar, you only need to tap or click on the “Treasure Chest” icon at the top of the meter!

Example: The image above shows you the possible rewards you could win for filling up the bar. Green indicates high chances of winning 3000+ Coins and 7200 XP, red indicates low chances for winning a Golden Vault Padlock, Silver Vault Hinge and 2 Crowns. The rewards at the bottom are the possible rewards for the next level. The higher your level, the better the rewards and chances!

The maximum level for Myra’s Favor is Level 15. Once you reach this level, you still have to regularly fill the meter every 24 hours to keep your Level 15, otherwise you will go back one level each day.

Have fun with this new feature, Adventurer!
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