Friday, March 20, 2015

Empires & Allies - Buildings


Here's some basic information on Buildings in Empires & Allies! 

How to Get 
Let's try building a Supply Stockpile for your Fuel and Supply Resource.  
Tap on the Tool Icon in the lower-left hand corner of your screen to get started. 

You should now be in the Resources Tab to see the Supply Stockpile. 

You can then place the building on a preferred area on your base! 

How to Upgrade 
Now let's try upgrading your HQ! The first step would be to tap on your HQ. Next, tap on the arrow to upgrade the building. 

It will then prompt you if you wish to proceed. You can also choose whether to upgrade normally or if you would like to upgrade instantly which costs gold. 

How to Move / Remove 
Moving is made easy in Empires & Allies! 
You just need to tap on the building you want to move and drag it to a spot on the map where you want to relocate it. 
Once you start moving a building, a grid will show so that you will have an easier time to plan out your base!  

When you start moving your building, you will notice that sometimes the icon will turn Red. That means that there's an obstruction in the area where you want to place your building on. In the screenshot below, there's a tree in the way of the Guard Tower and you may want to move it somewhere else. 

Here's a perfect spot for your Guard Tower! The icon is now Green and you can put your building down. 

Good luck! 

Empires & Allies Player Support 
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