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CastleVille Legends New Event: The Great Egg Hunt

Hail Adventurers!
The Great Egg Hunt is broken up into four consecutive Chapters that unlock over time.
Byron has run off with one of Violetta’s dragon eggs and Yvette is determined to track him down. Follow Byron’s Trail and make a dragon friend along the way. Once you’re on his trail be sure to collect as many shiny gems as possible by setting traps and exploring places of legend.
If you are level 19 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click (web) and/or tap (mobile/tablet) on the “Come On!” button to begin.
Marigold, Temporary Hero (Only available after 1st collection is completed):
In order to help you get the most Shiny Gems, you will need to get the temporary Hero, Marigold. From the Marketplace, click on the “Special Heroes” tab, and you will be able to hire Marigold at the cost of a “Spicy Lemon Bake” (can be crafted in the Trail Kitchen). She’ll be available to explore Places of Legend for 2 hours after that!
Tip: To get the most help out of Marigold, try to use her in different POLs for the 2 hours she is available and place her into a POL of more hours at the end. She will not disappear during an active exploration and you will have time to craft another Spicy Lemon Bake in the meantime!
The Great Egg Hunt Event Quests:
Complete each chapter to earn awesome rewards and unlock the ultimate reward! Each chapter will unlock over time. To see the current chapter, click on the Progress Bar at the bottom of the screen. The first tab of the Event Center shows all the chapters required to complete the event. Quest chapters have a number of quests to complete, and new quests may unlock in different ways – click or tap a locked quest to see how to unlock it. You can see more details on a quest by clicking the Continue (if you have started the quest) or Accept (if you have not started the quest) button. Some quests can be repeated for additional rewards!
In addition, your Progress Bar will fill up for each task you complete.
From the Overall Progress tab of the Event Center, click on the “Quests” button to access those particular quests (see image below)
Each chapter starts with the first quest unlocked. As you complete each quest more will unlock. In addition, every week a new set will unlock.
Collection Event Tasks: We are introducing collection tasks as part of this event. There are two collections for this event, one in week 1 and another in week 4. You can use the Collection Tab to view the current week’s collection. At the top of the Collection Tab, you can select which week you’d like to collect (locked weeks have a padlock next to them). You can also go directly to the collection you want to visit by clicking the “View Collection” button while on the Overall Progress (first) tab of the Event Center.
Repeatable Quests: Chapters 2 and 3 are both sets of repeatable quests. When you complete a quest you will be able to start it over again. This is the most efficient way to earn Shiny Gems and climb the leaderboard.
Search the Grove: This event you will be searching the Grove, through which Byron has escaped with the egg. In the first week you will be trying to find Marigold, the missing dragon. In the Fourth week you will be searching the grove for the missing dragon egg. In order to search the grove you must collect the proper materials for the search. Once you have them tap (click on web) the “Search the Grove” button. (See image below)
When you start to search the grove a screen of trees will appear. Click on the trees three times to see what you find:
In the quests you may be asked to search the grove a certain amount of times, find certain objects or find all of the objects of a certain collection. Each collection has 3 unique items and a “Jackpot Bonus.” Even if you have completed all of the collections, searching the grove always lends a reward so do it as much as possible.
Chapter 1 is as follows:
Quest 1:1 “A Friend In Need I of IV”
1. Send Yvette to the Dragon’s Clutch
2. Craft Dragon Rations
3. Get Granola Clusters
Quest 1:2 “A Friend In Need II of IV”
1. Craft Wax Casting Kits
2. Investigate Marigold’s Clues times
3. Search the grove times
Quest 1:3 “A Friend In Need III of IV”
1. Send Yvette to the Well of Wishes
2. Craft Lemon Carrot Jam
3. Search the grove more times
Quest 1:4 “A Friend In Need IV of IV”
1. Collect Dragon Calls
2. Craft Chocolate Mint Cookies
3. Find Marigold
Chapter 2 is as follows:
Quest 2:1 “On the Trail I of IV”
1. Harvest Wildflower Patch times
2. Make Spicy Lemon Bakes for Marigold.
3. Send Marigold or Yvette to Mount Cinder
Quest 2:2 “On the Trail II of IV”
1. Fully follow Byron’s Tracks times
2. Craft Brass Monkeys
3. Craft Brass Gear
Quest 2:3 “On the Trail III of IV”
1. Get Decrypted Communication
2. Find new Emeralds
3. Craft Fiery Hot Jam
Quest 2:4 “On the Trail IV of IV”
1. Get Drawings of Dragons
2. Make Flower Tiaras
3. Send Marigold and Yvette to the Dragon Ruin
Chapter 3 is as follows:
Quest 3:1 “Violets for Violetta”
1. Get Violets
2. Craft Painted Flowers
3. Bake up new Red Hot Bread Twists
Quest 3:2 “Caught In A Trap I of III”
1. Craft Toy Dragons
2. Send Rafael and Yvette to the Gateway of Luck
3. Craft Sturdy Spring
Quest 3:3 “Caught In A Trap II of III”
1. Fully prepare Leghold Traps
2. Send Rafael to the Well of Wishes
3. Craft Fake Dragon Eggs
Quest 3:4 “Caught In A Trap III of III”
1. Fully prepare Snare Traps
2. Get new Amethyst
3. Craft Hot Lemon Hummus
Chapter 4 is as follows:
Quest 4:1 “More Than Meets The Eye I of IV”
1. Get Intercepted Letter
2. Craft Starfield Rings for Marigold’s Hoard
3. Search with the Metal Detector times
Quest 4:2 “More Than Meets The Eye II of IV”
1. Tend a Book of Letters times
2. Get Lemon Drops
3. Search for the egg times
Quest 4:3 “More Than Meets The Eye III of IV”
1. Craft Smelling Salts
2. Send Marigold to the Dragon’s Clutch
3. Search for the egg more times
Quest 4:4 “More Than Meets The Eye IV of IV”
1. Send Yvette and Rafael to the Friendship Arena
2. Craft Pumpkin Bread for Byron
3. Find the Dragon Egg
In Addition to these quests there also bonus quests that appear in your quest log every week. The bonus quests reward you for the progress you have made and offer extra rewards for diving deeper into the story.
Complete this and you will earn the Gold Dragon Float!
Enjoy the game adventurers!
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