Tuesday, March 24, 2015

CastleVille Legends - Looking for Marigold? Can't find Spicy Lemon Bake and Wildflowers Patch?

Good day, Adventurers!

Some of you are wondering where and when to find Marigold and the new shiny gems.

There are many ways to earn shiny gems which will count towards your new Leaderboard. You can get these gems from sending heroes to Places of Legend, completing event quests, filling up the new featured items like Marigold's Clue (Market Place), and from "searching the grove".

In the first week of the Great Egg Hunt you are to find Marigold as she disappeared together with Byron and the Egg he stole.
In order to locate Marigold you have to follow her clues and search the Grove as often as possible. Gather the items needed to search the grove located in the event center. Here you will have a chance to find rare and unique items. Progress through this and collect all three collection items! After completing the first collection, you'll find Marigold and she will be available for hire in the heroes tab!

Marigold can be hired at the cost of a  Spicy Lemon Bake, this item will be available for crafting in the Bakery workshop. The Spicy Lemon Bake will require Wildflowers as part of the ingredients, these will be available in the market in the 2nd Chapter of the event.

Please find our latest event guide including 2 new videos here: https://support.zynga.com/article/castleville-legends/New-Event-The-Great-Egg-Hunt-Guide-en_US-1426870707294

Your CastleVille Legends Team 
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