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New Event: The Friendship Tournament (CastleVille Legends)

Hail, Adventurers!
The Friendship Tournament is here! It's divided into four consecutive Chapters that unlock over time. Here is the first one!
Byron’s letters home have been answered by his father and his home kingdom has sent a retainer of knights and minor nobles out to meet the citizens of your kingdom. Join in the Friendship Tournament and help set up the games. Once the tournament is under way collect Tournament Banners by completing tournament games like jousting.
If you are level 19 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click (web) and/or tap (mobile/tablet) on the “Let’s Go” button to begin.
Byron, Temporary Hero:
In order to help you get the most Tournament Banners, you will need to get the temporary Hero, Prince Byron. From the Marketplace, click (web) and/or tap (mobile/tablet) on the “Special Heroes” tab, and then click (web) and/or tap (mobile/tablet) on the “Free” button and then the “Huzzah” button on the popup.
Check our video about Byron:

The Friendship Tournament Event Quests:
Before you can earn some awesome rewards, you must complete the Weekly Friendship Tournament Event Quests (Chapters 1 – 4), which will unlock over time. To see the current Weekly Quest (Chapter), click (web) and/or tap (mobile/tablet) on the Progress Bar at the bottom of the gameboard (see image below), and then click on the “Continue” button on the Overall Progress tab (the first tab) of the Event Center. Each Weekly Quest (Chapter) has four sub-Quests, which each have three parts that have to be completed (i.e. 12 tasks total per Weekly Quest). If you complete all of the tasks of the entire Weekly Quest (Chapter), you will get some great prizes, such as XP or Crowns!

In addition, your Progress Bar will fill up with Banner Fabric rope for each task you complete.

From the Overall Progress tab of the Event Center, click (web) and/or tap (mobile/tablet) on the “Quests” button to access that particular sub-Quest (see image below)

As you complete the tasks of a sub-Quest, a portion of the red curtain will reveal a hidden picture, giving you a glimpse of what is happening in the kingdom. (See image below.) Each week additional images may appear to give an even deeper look into the Friendship Tournament. Click (web) and/or tap (mobile/tablet) on the “View Start” or “View End” buttons to view this additional content.

The Featured Market Tab: This event we are introducing the Featured Tab in the Market. Several items specific to this event will be found in this tab and more will be unlocked as you progress. Click (web) and/or tap (mobile/tablet) on the Featured Tab (see image below) to access these items.

Tournament Trainers: In addition to the new tab there is a new game mechanic debuting in the Friendship Tournament Event. Tournament Trainers are gameboard items available through the Featured Tab in the Market. They are used in various ways and are interacted with by consuming both dropped and crafted items. As the items are consumed a progress bar is progressed. Upon completing the Tournament Trainer it disappears from your gameboard and leaves behind prizes for your completion.

Some Tournament Trainers can consume multiple items. It’s up to you to decide which path to take. Items that are easier to find or craft may not advance the progress bar as far as those items that are more difficult to obtain. 

The rewards for interacting with these items are broken up into two types, rewards and final rewards. Rewards (shown at the top) are given every time you interact with the item. Final Rewards (shown at the bottom) ONLY drop on your final interaction with the item.

*NOTE Different items that are consumed in the tending of Tournament Trainers may yield improved rewards. Also, there are some Premium Tournament Trainers that have a smaller progress bar and yield greater rewards.

The Weekly Quest (Chapter 1) is as follows:
Quest 1:1 “How Should I Greet Thee?
1.    Purchase a Supply Crate from the Market
2.    Craft Bundles of Supplies
3.    Send Rafael to the Ancient Watchtower

Quest 1:2 “Gathering Supplies II of IV
1.    Craft Decorative Eggs
2.    Fill a Supply Crates
3.    Send Byron and Yvette to Well of Wishes

Quest 1:3 “Gathering Supplies III of IV
1.   Completely fill a Supply Crates
2.   Collect Bales of Hay
3.   Send Rafael to the Dragon's Clutch

Quest 1:4 “Gathering Supplies IV of IV
1. Collect Utility Hammers
2. Craft Traveler's Refreshments
3. Send Byron and Yvette to the Dragon Ruins

The Weekly Quest (Chapter 2) is as follows:

Quest 2:1 “All Is Vanity I of IV
1. Rebuild Grandstands Times
2. Craft Tent Pillows
3. Send Byron and Magnus to the Gateway of Luck.

Quest 2:2 “All Is Vanity II of IV

1.    Fully rebuild Grandstands
2.    Collect Bags of Popcorn
3.    Send Rafael to Mount Cinder

Quest 2:3 “All Is Vanity III of IV
1.    Gather Kingdom Pennants
2.    Collect Emerald Roses
3.    Send Byron to the Dragon's Clutch

Quest 2:4 “All Is Vanity IV of IV
1.   Craft Fan Packs
2.   Collect Tokens of Favor
3.   Collect Tournament Codes of Conduct

The Weekly Quest (Chapter 3) is as follows:
Quest 3:1 “Friendly Competition I of IV
1.    Polish Suits of Armor times
2.    Collect Forest Charms
3.    Send Rafael to the Well of Wishes

Quest 3:2 “Friendly Competition II of IV
1.    Completely prepare items for the Joust.
2.    Craft Obsidian Beads
3.    Send Byron to the Dragon Ruin

Quest 3:3 “Friendly Competition III of IV!
1.   Collect Joust Trophies
2.   Craft Basilisk Necklaces
3.   Send Rafael to the Dragon Ruin

Quest 3:4 “Friendly Competition IV of IV
1.   Complete Smelters
2.   Collect Iridescent Scales
3.   Send Byron to the Well of Wishes

The Weekly Quest (Chapter 4) is as follows:
Quest 4:1 “Last Hurrah I of IV
1.    Craft Show Saddles
2.    Collect new Emerald Roses
3.    Collect Emeralds

Quest 4:2 “Last Hurrah II of IV
1.    Completely jump Horse Fences
2.    Craft Melee Armaments
3.    Send Byron and Yvette to the Well of Wishes

Quest 4:3 “Last Hurrah III of IV

1.    Fully shoot Melee Dummies
2.    Craft Tournament Arrows
3.    Craft Dragonscale Necklaces

Quest 4:4 “Last Hurrah IV of IV
1.    Completely Shoot at Arrow Targets
2.    Craft Enchanted Shields
3.    Send Byron to the Dragon's Clutch

Complete this and you will earn the Bountiful Lion Statue!

Your CastleVille Legends Team
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