Friday, January 9, 2015

NFL Showdown - How To Scout the other teams

Hi Coach!

We have a new feature in the game that you'll be sure to enjoy! Introducing Scouting!

You can try it by going to the League Schedule, check if there's an ongoing match and you can start Scouting those teams. You can also see if there's a live game on the Today's Tabor the Home Screen.

Once you've finished Scouting, you will earn an OVR (Overall Team Rating) Bonus against those teams that you've Scouted if you play them this season!

You can now check those teams that you've Scouted from your Team Schedule. If you check your upcoming games in your Team Schedule, you will see that there's a CameraIcon next to the team that you've already Scouted.

You could also set a Scout Reminder for future games! First, you need to go to the League Schedule.

Select an upcoming game, then click on Set Reminder and you're all set! You'll receive an alert about the match before the game starts.

This season looks promising... 

Go Team! 

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