Wednesday, January 7, 2015

CastleVille Legends - A Whole New World Shards not showing on Places of Legend?

Hail Adventurers!

Squires reached us today reporting that Magnus was not able to see any Shards for “A Whole New World” at Places of Legend.

We have consulted the High Council of Magic and they confirmed that through a spell we all have been able to glimpse fragments of the near future in our Hall of Heroes!
Before we can start filling “The Magic Map” Window in our Hall of Heroes we must help Magnus unlock more of his memory in Chapter I of IV. Once his memory is refreshed and Chapter II of IV opens the Shards will appear in the Places of Legend Magnus explores.
To see when each part of ‘A Whole New World’ becomes available, visit the Event Center and look at the ‘?’ Tab. Chapters I to IV are listed here for you.
We wish all our Adventurers a magical journey while discovering “A Whole New World”.
Your CastleVille Legends Team
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