Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CastleVille Legends - "A Royal Visitor" Event Guide

Hail, Adventurers!

'Tis a special day in our glorious kingdom as we welcome  a royal prince from another realm!

Prince Byron has heard of all your tales and has come to witness our magic firsthand. Let's whip-up a welcoming feast he will never experience in a human kingdom. One that is full of magic and enchantment!

How to Begin

To start the "A Royal Visitor" quest, you must complete Magnus' "A Whole New World VI of VI" and claim your rewards first. You will then unlock "A Royal Visitor I of VI" along with the "Getting Comfortable" quest.

"Getting Comfortable" Quest

The "Getting Comfortable" quest requirements will be completed as you work through "A Royal Visitor I to VI". Don't be alarmed if you can't find some of the items needed for this immediately, such as the Carrier Raven. These new recipes unlock as you open quest parts that require you to craft them.

"A Royal Visitor I of VI" Quest

"A Royal Visitor II of VI" Quest

"A Royal Visitor III of VI" Quest

"A Royal Visitor IV of VI" Quest

"A Royal Visitor V of VI" Quest

"A Royal Visitor VI of VI" Quest

Your CastleVille Legends Team
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