Sunday, November 30, 2014

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Saturday, November 29, 2014


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Friday, November 28, 2014

[BUG] - Notification not working on Mobile Devices

We have received reports from players experiencing issues with their notification settings, mostly not receiving notifications on their mobile device when an opponent makes a move. We have gathered some troubleshooting tips you can try HERE.

UPDATE: We are currently investigating an issue on Android OS 4.4.2. If your device is running this version of Android, you may be able to resolve this issue by updating your Android OS.
On your device settings:
1. Scroll down to "About Device"
2. Tap on "Software Update"
3. Tap on "update

If you are not able to resolve the matter on your own, please click the "Fix it, Zynga" button at the bottom of this article to let us know you are not receiving notification from Words with Friends on your Mobile Device.

Thanks for playing Words with Friends!
Zynga Support Team

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Free 50000 Coins - FarmVille 2

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Throne Rush - The SANDS OF DEATH update

The SANDS OF DEATH update!
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The heralds on the plazas are announcing good news! Meet the most epic update ever with loads of new content - Throne Rush: The Sands of Death!
Do you feel the heating breath of desert winds? New battles and adventures await!
Collect the new resource: Magic Sand. The desert dwellers appreciate its flickering color and are ready to fight for you in exchange for a handful of the Magic Sand.
Fortify your bulwark with a menacing Minaret and arcane Protective Crystal. Don't let the enemies come closer to the walls!
Erect a Sand Quarry and Sand Storehouse to collect and store the valuable resource. Defend them well!
Build a Fort to recruit the desert warriors to your invincible army and Workshop to research new levels and make them even stronger.
Deadly Scorpions, awesome Ifrits, terrifying Arachnids and even mighty Battle Elephants are eager to join your forces. Become unstoppable with these harsh and ruthless fighters.
New levels of existing buildings have become available at last! Advance your Castle to level 15, strengthen the defense and expand the income!
Fight and win!

Mafia Wars - Loot Lottery - FAQ

Q: What is Loot Lottery?
Loot Lottery is a limited time event in which you can win a Grand Reward and Skill Points by collecting featured loot and featured Skill Point deals on the game board. You can purchase and open Loot Trunks and Skill Bags to collect featured items and Skill Point deals can be obtained through.
The event will start at midnight PST on November 28th 2014 and will end on December 4th 2014, 23:59 PST.
Q: How does it work?
Loot Lottery can be accessed through the Home Page module. Click on the “Play Now” button to start playing 
Clicking on Play Now will take you to the Loot Lottery Game Board:

You will be able to see the following sections on the game board:

Start/Restart Time stamp: The time when you started or restarted playing Loot Lottery.  Please note that the featured loot obtained from Loot Trunk/Skill Bags ONLY beyond this time will be considered for the current Loot Lottery progress/Mastery round. In other words, previous purchases or featured items acquired from Loot Lottery before this time stamp will NOT be counted for progress in the current round.
Mastery Bar: Mastery bar will indicate the progress of featured loot/Skill Point deals collected for the current Loot Lottery round. When you buy a Loot Trunk or Skill Bag and receive any of the featured items for the first time in a particular round, you will be notified through a purchase confirmation pop-up and the progress bar will be check marked: The Mastery Bar is divided in 2 parts:
·         Loot Trunks: This part of the Mastery Bar will be filled as you collect featured items from Loot Trunk.
·         Skill Bags: This part of the Mastery Bar will be filled as you collect featured Skill Point Deals from Skill Bags.

Featured Item Slots: You will see Featured Loot/Skill Point Deal Slots (shown below) which will be greyed-out until you collect them from your Loot Lottery purchases.


Q: What are the Rewards?
Once you collect all the 5 Featured Loot and 3 Skill Point Deals from your Loot Lottery purchases, you will complete the Loot Lottery game board and will receive a Rydin Dirty(365A/365D) and 40 Skill Points.
Please note that ONLY those featured loot and Skill Point deals obtained from Loot Lottery which are purchased after the Start Time will be counted for progress.

Q: Can I restart the Loot Lottery?
Yes, you can restart the Loot Lottery either by clicking on “Restart” button on the Rewards Screen OR “Restart Loot Lottery” button on the Home Page module.

Q: Why does “Start Time” change after restarting Loot Lottery?
 The Start Time will change as soon as you restart the Loot Lottery. Once you restart the Loot Lottery, purchases made ONLY beyond the new Start Time will be counted for the mastery progress. Previous purchases or items acquired from the previous rounds will NOT be counted for progress in the current mastery round.


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Thursday, November 27, 2014

FarmVille - Have you reached the daily cap when collection Holiday Sparkles?

Howdy Farmers,

We understand that many are excited to own the unique birds from the Nutcracker Theater Collection, and have been hard at work in keeping their Holiday Eggs snug and warm. Farmers who help their neighbors each day have reported that they don't get the sparkles when they get the page stating they've claimed the maximum number of the reward. To clear up the confusion, the page appears once the player reaches the feed limit for the day.

Farmers who prefer to own the entire collection faster have the alternative to craft the Holiday Sparkles with the following bushels: 3 Gilded Flowers, 3 Purple Anthuriums, and 3 Glow Flowers.

Since the Nutcracker Theater is a fairly new feature without a deadline, its limits vary from others. We consider several factors when we set how many players can collect for a specific feature. Ultimately, we aim for our game to not only be enjoyable, but also challenging to make it interesting for our farmers.

Looking for more information about Farming? Visit our official FarmVille Blog and Feature Guides & How To's pages!

FarmVille Player Support

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FarmVille 2 - The Animal Barn

The Animal Barn

It is an adult animal storage building for all species! It is designed to boost the animal economy of your farm. You can just pick up any animal and drop them in. You'll get to see them every now and then when they emerge too strut their stuff at their favorite spots in and around the building.

Building the Animal Barn:

Place all your Water Troughs and your Shady Trough to complete it.

Level 1 Animal Barn:

If you click on the Animal Barn, it opens a window, like the Pasture and you can see each and every animal.

You can see details on them and speed feed them one at a time if you want. It's also easy to move them back to your farm.
Just point your cursor at the animal's details and click on the red icon that will appear, to remove them from the building.

You will see a feed bubble whenever your animals are hungry.
You can feed them all at once with one click and their products will fly out of the building.

Level 1 Animal Barn:

The Animal Barn will start off holding 15 animals.

Upgrading the Animal Barn:

1st Upgrade (Level 2 Animal Barn) +10
2nd Upgrade (Level 3 Animal Barn) +10
Total = 35 animals!

Additional Information:
• Available at Level 25
• Animals inside do not count towards the Population Capacity

FREE Permits - CityVille

Handy Tip: Your Inventory can only hold up to 60 Zoning Permits. If you've already reached this limit, wait until you've expanded and used up the permits so you can make room for new ones. 

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