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FarmVille - Where's my Hill Castle

Howdy Farmers!

Many have asked us where the Hill Castle can be found. It's actually a building in Fairytale Fields situated at the far right of the game screen. Players can choose between moving the game's view to the left, fully zoom out, or use the Search function on  top the the Storage icon to find it.

While we appreciate your reports about this situation, there is no need to contact Support at this time. Please click here, choose the category which corresponds to the issue you are experiencing, and fill up the form.

Looking for more information about Farming? Visit our official FarmVille Blog and Feature Guides & How To's pages!

FarmVille Player Support

FarmVille - FarmVilleDid you lose Farm Cash when you bought a Market Stall with Coins?

Howdy farmers!

We observed that purchasing a Market Stall with coins initially appears as if the game deducted Farm Cash. Don't worry as your Farm Cash should still be intact. Please refresh your game to restore your balance to its correct amount.

While we appreciate your reports about this situation, there is no need to contact Support at this time. Please click here, choose the category which corresponds to the issue you are experiencing, and fill up the form.

Looking for more information about Farming? Visit our official FarmVille Blog and Feature Guides & How To's pages!

FarmVille Player Support

New Scramble With Friends - How do I resign games?

Hello Scramblers! 

You can resign a game whenever you want from the any game you have already started. 

To resign a game that you are currently playing, it must be your turn (the game will appear in the "Your Move" section in your games list). 

Open the game that you wish to resign and press the "Resign" button. 

  • Go on your game you want to resign.

  • From the "Game Score" screen.Just click on the resign button.


  • Finally, just confirm by pressing "Resign".


If it is not currently your turn, then you will not be able to resign the game until it is your turn again. If your opponent does not make a move soon, then the game will be automatically resigned for you. 

The auto-resign times are as follow: 

·       Random opponent games - 5 days 

·       Non-random opponent games - 11 days 
Games that are inactive past these time limits will be auto-resigned by the game server. For Random opponent games, auto-resignation will occur on the 6th day following the last game action. For Non-random opponent games, auto-resignation will occur on the 12th day following the last game action. 

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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FarmVille 2 - Come On Down To Camp Apaloosa

Camp Apaloosa Home
Walter and the Camp Apaloosa Sprout campers need your help! They're short on some pretty critical supplies and have come to the most resourceful farmer they know: YOU!
Build a Camp Apaloosa Tent to craft items for the Sprout campers and get excited, because they intend to reward you handsomly for your efforts. These campers might be a little disorganized, but their troupe's got deep pockets and as a result the Camp Apaloosa quests pay off in big ways.
Camp Apaloosa Merit Badges
You'll need Merit Badges to collect rewards from the Sprout campers. You'll trade your Badges in for Water during the first week of the quests' availibility. After that, the prizes only get better! Most of your badges will come from crafting items in the Camp Apaloosa Tent, but even your Farmhands want to help out, so when you use a Farmhand they'll have a chance to drop a Merit Badge! 
Camp Apaloosa Tent Crafts
Once you've started to collect enough Merit Badges, you'll receive all kinds of fantastic rewards. Free Water is only the beginning.
Redeem Water
We hope you enjoy your stay in Camp Apaloosa! Thank you for playing, Farmers!

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Zynga is updating their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Hey, Vladimir!

We're writing to let you know that we're updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy go into effect on August 11, 2014. You can read the old and new Terms of Service here, and Privacy Policy here.

In addition to updating our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to reflect how our business has changed and to make them more readable, we have also included some changes regarding how we will resolve disputes if they arise. In particular, for our U.S. and Canadian players, we've added a section to our Terms of Service agreeing to resolve most disputes using arbitration (if we can't get it resolved through our customer service channels, that is). Arbitration is usually a faster and more efficient alternative to going to court. Check out Section 17 of the updated Terms of Service to learn more.

Since more of our players are playing our games on their mobile devices, we updated our Privacy Policy to provide additional transparency around how we collect, use and share information in connection with our mobile games. For an explanation of some of these changes and answers to some frequently asked questions, click here. We also encourage you to review the documents in full on your own. 

Though our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have changed, our mission to connect the world through games has not. We look forward to bringing you more beloved entertainment experiences that help you connect with your friends and family anytime, anywhere.

Thanks for playing,

The Zynga Team

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

FarmVille - Regular Crops vs. Club Crops?

Howdy farmers!

We noticed a lot of players are not getting any progress in their quests when planting Club Crops. We're sorry for the confusion and please know that our team is now working on this matter to better improve our farmers' game experience. Here are a few information you may want to check out for reference.

What are Club Crops?
Back in 2012, FarmVille had feature called Club where in players create and/or join a club and compete in a plant-and-harvest competition with other clubs. Club Crops are crops that club members need to plant and harvest in order to win per round. If a club wins a round, club members will earn permanent license for the specific Club Crops. For more information on the Club feature, you may click here.

Club Crops were recently added in the Market so that players who were not able to participate in the Club feature can access and benefit from it. Planting Club Crops will yield the same bushel as their regular crop counterparts and it takes less coins and less time to harvest. Hence, easier to master and will give more bushels in less time. It can be identified by having a handshake badge as shown below.

But please remember while Club Crops gives additional benefits for the eager farmer, please take note that it does not count when planted and harvested for quest requirements.

To ensure that the correct crop requirements will count for your quests, click on the "Plant Crop" button from the quest dialogue box as shown below.

Looking for more information about Farming? Visit our official FarmVille Blog and Feature Guides & How To's pages!

FarmVille Player Support

Gift Box capacity indicator - check the official guide!

Description: Gift Box capacity indicator is a new feature which will make it easier for players to delete items and to be aware of their current Gift Box capacity.

Here's how it works:

Once a player reached the 500 unique item limit, an exclamation mark will appear on their Gift Box icon.

The number indicated on top of the icon is the number of unique items that the player have inside the Gift Box.

Once the player clicks on it, it will give them an option to select the items they wish to sell.

Then they need to select an item by clicking on the tick box to activate the "Sell Selected" button.

After clicking on the Sell Selected button, a box will appear for players to select the amount per item pre-selected for selling which will indicate the corresponding Coins that they will receive after selling. Click on "Sell Now!" to push thru with the process.

Happy Farming! 

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Unable to harvest from your resources?

Greetings Adventurers! 

We have received reports that some of you are unable to harvest/collect products from your resources and workshops. 

Our team is aware of this concern, and have recently released a fix for Android and web users. We're working on releasing one for iOS users soon!

If you're still having problems in your game, we highly recommend following some simple troubleshooting steps, which may help refresh your game and improve the game's performance. You may find the steps by clicking on the links below:

  • Mobile Users, please click here.
  • For Web users, please click here.
  • You may also try to update your Unity Web Player. Please see the instructions here.

We apologize for the inconvenience and rest assured that all efforts will be made to have this fixed for all players as quickly as possible.

CastleVIlle Legends Team


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FarmVille - Garden Orchid Buildable

Garden Orchid Buildable Pop-Up

Garden Orchid Buildable Confirmation Pop-Up after placing it on your Farm

Garden Orchid Buildable when placed on Farm

Garden Orchid Buildable 1st Upgrade

Garden Orchid Buildable 2nd Upgrade

Garden Orchid
 Buildable 3rd Upgrade

Garden Orchid Buildable 4th Upgrade

Garden Orchid Buildable 5th Upgrade

Garden Orchid Buildable Final Look

How Zynga Fixes Bugs in Mobile Games


We understand that there maybe some of you who are experiencing some issues in the game. We appreciate those of you who have reported these to us. Please know that our team are all working hard to address each issue and to get these resolved immediately.  For Mobile games, all bug fixes go through a process of reporting and resolution. We always try to move them as quickly as possible and to fix all known issues. Here are the following processes on how we handle and fix these bugs:

  • First, we gather all details in order to determine the root cause of an issue. The more details we have, the easier it is for our team to diagnose and then work on a fix.
  • Once we have found a resolution to a specific issue, a new version of the game containing the fix is submitted to our external mobile platform partners (Apple, Amazon, Google) and then released to the public. This process may take up to 2 - 3 weeks, or potentially longer depending on the complexity of the issue.
  • Our studio team prioritizes bug fixes based on a number of factors including bug complexity, platform, number of players affected, and available resources to fix these bugs. Because of this prioritization, some bugs can be fixed immediately or can take up to a few weeks.

We always love to hear our players feedback and welcome all bug reports. It is very important to be as accurate and as descriptive as possible when it comes to bug reporting. You can always reference our Help Centers for support articles that can help you with your issue. The game team is doing their best to address these issues in the next app version. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to improve your game experience.

Thanks for your support. Enjoy and Happy Playing!

Zynga Player Support

How to Disable Pepper Flash Player in Google Chrome

Howdy Farmers!

In this article, we'll be giving you some tips on how to improve the game, making it run faster by adjusting some components on your Google Chrome Browser.
By going through the steps below, your browser will only use one Flash Player component and this will enhance your browser's speed when playing flash-based games like Farmville 2 . Please see steps below on how to Disable Pepper Flash Player.
*This will not affect any of your basic browsing experience on Google Chrome.

1. On Google Chrome's Address Bar, type in chrome://plugins

2. Click on Details at the upper right hand of the page

3. Look for PPAPI and click on Disable just underneath it as shown below

4. Verify your work by comparing it with the image below

5. Lastly, refresh the page, re-launch Google Chrome and play Hidden Shadows.

Happy Farming!

Farmville 2 Support Team
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