Friday, February 28, 2014

FREE Fear - Hidden Shadows

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FREE Speed Ups - Hidden Shadows

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FREE XP - CityVille

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FREE COINS - Hit It Rich

Happy Friday! It's the last day of February! Woo hoo! We are hoping that means warmer temperatures are in our future…although we know they're not here yet. So instead, we'll warm up with this hearty breakfast and free coins.

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FREE Four-Leaf Clover - ZYNGA POKER

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The "The Great Princess Wars" event has begun now!

Hello Master,
The "The Great Princess Wars" event is underway! 
Giant Robot have been spotted in Tokyo! Defeat and capture them!

Event Period
Runs until: Wen, 3/12 12:59pm
First Half Ranking: Until Thu, 3/6 12:59pm
Second Half Ranking: Until Wen, 3/12 12:59pm

[Event Summary]

1. Investigate to find the Giant Robot.
2. Defeat the Giant Robot within the allotted time.
3. Depending on the Giant Robot's Level, you might be able to claim a First Conquest Reward! You can also claim Conquest Points.
4. Get First Half and Second Half Ranking Rewards depending on your total Conquest Points!
5. If your Conquest Points total is high enough, you may also receive a Ranking Reward on the final day!

Event-limited Special Ability Daemons

Daemons with special abilities for use during the "The Great Princess Wars" event have been added to the Rare Summon!

[Divina] Clockwork Kaya 4 Conquest Points vs Giant Robot Boosted
[Anima] Gishi Wajinden 
4 Attack vs Giant Robot Boosted
[Phantom] Nagashi Bina 
4 HP vs Giant Robot Boosted
To celebrate new daemons' joining, we have x3 chance to summon them before Tue, 3/4 4:59pm!

Special Ability Magatamas also added to Summon 6 Pack!

Magatamas with special abiliies for use during the "The Great Princess Wars" event have been added to the Summon 6 Pack! Choose any one for free.
Medium Conquest Point Magatama 
Small Conquest Point Magatama 
Medium Attack Magatama 
Small Attack Magatama 
Medium HP Magatama 
Small HP Magatama 
Special abilities are triggered simply by having a daemon with special abilities in your possession. (Special abilities belonging to daemons in your Inbox will not be activated.)
Possessing multiple daemons with the same special ability has no effect on the strength of the ability in question.
Special abilities for use during the "The Great Princess Wars" event can only be used during the event period.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Ayakashi: Ghost Guild.

Ayakashi Customer Support
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