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Free 10 Ruby Blast Cash

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10 FREE Water - FarmVille 2

10 FREE Water - FarmVille 2

Zynga partners with HBO and Disruptor Beam to bring Game of Thrones Ascent to Zynga players

Every once in while we get the chance to work with an exciting team as part of the Zynga Partners program – joining forces with a developer whose vision for making social games a true entertainment experience matches Zynga’s.
For me, that happened recently when we signed a third-party publishing deal for Game of Thrones Ascent from Disruptor Beam. The game, based on the epic hit series from HBO, was highly sought after in the publishing space and has seen huge interest from players over the past couple of months. Disruptor Beam has done an outstanding job with the game’s design – creating an engaging and authentic experience that appeals to midcore and casual players alike, and reflects the incredible world of Game of Thrones, created by George R.R. Martin and brought to life by HBO.
It’s a great partnership for everyone involved and I couldn’t be more excited to introduce this game to Zynga’s players. With that, I want to hand this post over to Jon Radoff, CEO and Founder of Disruptor Beam, who can share a bit more about the game and partnership in his own words.
Game of Thrones Ascent_Dragons
Since its founding in 2010, our goal at Disruptor Beam has been to disrupt the world of social games; to provide immersive gameplay experiences based around the worlds and stories that players love most. To that end, our team has been toiling away on the development of Game of Thrones Ascent – making it an entertainment experience that changes the way players view social games.
We launched Game of Thrones Ascent into open beta on Facebook on February 21, and since then we’ve seen half-a-million installs of the game in less than two months – with many players coming back again-and-again to immerse themselves in the world of Westeros. But, as with any social game developer, a primary goal is to continue to iterate on the game with new mechanics and features, while growing the player base. For those reasons, we are extremely excited to partner with Zynga, exposing Game of Thrones Ascent to Zynga’s millions of players on Zynga.com and Facebook, while working side-by-side with the Zynga Partners team to continue to make this game a true extension of HBO’s renowned series Game of Thrones.
Game of Thrones Ascent_Game Board
One thing that I’ve learned in my years of starting and building companies is that gaming companies cannot always be solely responsible for 100 percent of their “hits.” Partnerships are integral to the success of any game company and any game, so we are thrilled to now be working with the amazing team at Zynga to move into the next phase for Game of Thrones Ascent!
Now, if you haven’t had a chance to check out Game of Thrones Ascent, here’s what you should know. We’ve stayed authentic and true to the literary works of George R.R. Martin, as well as the HBO series. We’ve worked directly with HBO for over a year to ensure that our game accurately reflects the world of Westeros. Blending immersive story lines and strategic play, the game allows players to lead the life of a noble during a time of upheaval – a scene familiar to fans of the books and TV series. You’ll swear allegiance to one of the Great Houses, select your lineage, secure your holdings, develop your lands and reputation, and assign sworn swords to quests – while forging alliances with new friends. And, to stay even more true to the series, we’ve been releasing new content each week following new episodes from Season 3, allowing players to live out some of the experiences they witness on TV – a unique Transmedia experience that is not currently seen in any other social game.
Hope to see you in Westeros on Facebook and Zynga.com soon!
-  Jon Radoff, CEO and Founder, Disruptor Beam

FREE XP (CityVille)

Hey Citizens! What Level is your City? Here's some FREE XP to help bring it to the next level! 

Leave a Comment Below to tell us what level your City is!

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Animal Limit Guide

Howdy, Farmers!

We have some players that are confused with the Animal Limit in the game. As of the moment, our game is only limited to 45 animals that we can place on the farm. Limits are being controlled by the Troughs that we place on our farm. In addition to, our Troughs are also limited for now. We can only have up to 5 Water troughs and 1 Shady trough that we can purchase from the General Store. Each Water trough will give us additional 5 capacity of animals from the farm while the Shady Trough will give us additional 10 capacity of animals from the farm. Here's the information that we can use in maximizing our animals using our Troughs:

Water Trough Guide:

# Price Requirements Capacity

1st Free Purchase Milk Meadow Expansion +5 animals
2nd 5,000 coins Level 3 +5 animals
3rd 20,000 coins Level 12 +5 animals
4th 28,000 coins Level 21 +5 animals
5th 45 Farm bucks +5 animals

Shady Trough Guide:



Initial limit (Start of the game) - 10 animals

Water Trough - (+5 animals)

Shady Trough - (+10 animals)

To avoid confusion, 10 animal capacity is given to us at the start of the game. Adding Water troughs will give additional 5 (5max water troughs = 25 capacity) and adding a Shady Trough will give us additional 10 capacity. All in all, we can only have 45 maximum animals on our farm. 

Additional Information:

While our capacity is only up to 45, we can temporarily store our "Prized animals" inside our Inventory/Storage for us to be able to add new animals again. Also, there are available Storage Buildings for certain Prized animals on the farm that we can purchase and build to help us maximize the limit, as well.

Goat Shelter - Prized Goats
Sheep Shack - Prized Sheep
Prized Chicken Coop - Prized Chickens

These buildings will help us feed those Prized animals on our farm without affecting our Animal Capacity Limit.

We can use this information and no need to notify Player Support. Stay tuned for upcoming features!

Back to your Farm,
FarmVille 2 Player Support

The scene Witch Yard

Greetings Guardians!

The scene Witch Yard was appearing due to a technical glitch. We are sorry for that and the team has corrected it. You need to complete the quests in Geoffrey’s Order: Scent of Decay to get the reward back

-Thank you for your continuous support!

 - The Hidden Chronicles Player Support Team

Farm Not Loading? Read Here!

Howdy Farmers!

We have received reports that some of you are unable to access your Farm or only seeing the Duck while loading. We have heard you loud and clear and are working towards resolving this as soon as possible.

There is no need to contact Support about this pesky bug, but you can click on "Please Fix" so that we can track the number of Farmers affected by this issue.

Thanks for your patience.

FarmVille Player Support
Want this issue fixed?
Vote to let us know!
Please fix!

Free 4-Leaf Clover (Zynga Poker)

Free 4-Leaf Clover (Zynga Poker)

FREE Chips (Zynga Poker)

Want some FREE Zynga Poker chips? Click on the link below and you'll get some!

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FREE Lights - CityVille

Lighting up your city in the night! We are giving Free Lights!

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Southern Living

FarmVille 2
Greetings, Farmers!
New Southern Living items are available in the General Store for a limited time. Thoroughbreds are considered to be "hot-blooded" horses, known for their agility, speed, and spirit. What else more could you want in a horse? Check below for details on our latest release and be sure to share what your favorite new addition is by commenting below this post!

Limited Edition Items:
  • Southern Estate – Level 3, 50 Farm Bucks, 183 XP
  • "Rouge Boy" Colonial Buggy – Level 3, 18 Farm Bucks, 71 XP
  • Southern Wrought Iron Gate – Level 3, 8 Farm Bucks, 36 XP
  • "Iron Sun" Stucco Wall – Level 3, 4 Farm Bucks, 22 XP
  • Lionhead Wall Fountain – Level 3, 12 Farm Bucks, 50 XP
  • Plain Stucco Wall – Level 3, 1,500 Coins, 8 XP

Limited Edition Crop:
  • Indigo Plant – Level 7, matures in 4 Hours, 3 XP, produces 5 Feed, used in Recipes

Limited Edition Trees:
  • Sabal Plametto Tree – Level 7, 12 Farm Bucks, produces 2 Feed, used in Recipes
  • Southern Magnolia Tree – Level 7, 12 Farm Bucks, produces 5 Feed, used in Recipes

Limited Edition Animals:
  • Pineywoods Cow – Baby 30 & Adult 43 Farm Bucks
  • Brown Leghorn Chicken – Baby 17 & Adult 34 Farm Bucks
  • Grey Thoroughbred Horse – Baby 30 & Adult 43 Farm Bucks
  • Blue Flemish Giant Rabbit – Baby 20 & Adult 37 Farm Bucks (reissue!)
  • Chinchilla Rabbit – Baby 20 & Adult 37 Farm Bucks (reissue!)

Crafting Kitchen Recipes:
  • Hushpuppy  – Level 7, Batter + Corn, sells for 2,810 Coins
  • Buttermilk Biscuit– Level 7, Butter + Batter, sells for 2,520 Coins
  • Heart of Palm Dip– Level 7, Milk + Heart of Palm, sells for 3,800 Coins

Crafting Workshop Recipes:
  • Magnolia Wreath  – Level 7, Wool Thread + Magnolia, sells for 3,460 Coins
  • Indigo Bouquet  – Level 7, Wool Fabric + Indigo, sells for 2,500 Coins
  • Magnolia Bouquet  – Level 7, Wool Fabric + Magnolia, sells for 3,990 Coins

Morning Bonuses for Tuesday, April 30

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FREE Bonus Crew - CityVille

Here's a FREE Bonus Crew to help staff a Community Building!
Let's finish that building together!

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Bling Cane Item in Collections!

 Bling Cane Item in Collections

FREE Steel Forge (Pioneer Trail)

Here is a Free Steel Forge to help you on your missions! Share it with your friends!

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Guild FAQ

Hello Shardbreakers!

Below is some basic information regarding Guilds to help you get started.

Access Guilds by tapping on the Social button at the bottom of your game screen

Tap on Guild Finder to see a list of Guilds in game. If you know the Guild name of the Guild you would like to join, you can enter it and find it in Search. 

Scroll down the list of Guilds and choose the one you want to join! 

Guilds are either private, where you have to apply to join, or open, where you join automatically. 

You will see a pop up that will ask you if you are sure you want to join the Guild. 

Once you join the Guild, you will be able to see the Guild’s other members and your Guild Force. 

Guild Force: Your Guild Force will give you a higher percentage chance of receiving your Card Skills. 

If you are in a Guild, you will see your Guild Force at the beginning of a battle.    

The next screen during a Battle will show you the percentage chance you have of your Card Skills succeeding. 

If your opponent is in a Guild, their Guild Force will also appear.

Then, their percentage chance of Card Skill success will be shown. 

Next, your Kingdom Bonus will be shown. A Kingdom Bonus is when you have cards from your chosen Kingdom in your deck. 

The Battle will take place and at the end of it you will know who won.

If you tap on Summary, you will get a break down of the Battle Skills that were activated by your cards and your opponent’s cards.  

This game guide should have assisted you with frequently asked questions regarding Guilds and their benefits. 

Enjoy War of the Fallen!

Zynga Player Support

Monday, April 29, 2013

3 FREE Water (FarmVille 2)

3 FREE Water (FarmVille 2)

New Theme Just Launched - Atlantis!

New_ZyngaSlotsLogoNew Theme Just Launched - Atlantis
On April 22, 2013, Zynga Slots launched a gorgeous new room, Atlantis.  It's a graphically rich underwater theme that immerses you into a world of mermaids, sea creatures, and mysterious hidden treasure. Gather your friends together & dive into the deep blue sea. The room has ambient music to take you away to this new underwater world.  With every spin, dive into your calming ocean and surface back up richer with big wins!
Zynga_Atlantis_Clam_v01_6-16-12There are four new pets that you can own in this theme:

 This ferocious eating machine has an insatiable appetites for rewards.
Starbuck: This messenger of Poseidon is on a mission to help you seek out lost treasure.
Melody: Princess Melody, Poseidon's youngest daughter, is shaping up to be a worthy princess of Atlantis.  She has the wild streak of youth and can be found exploring Atlantis' depths to find lost treasure.
Elvis: Saddle up on Poseidon's steed and charge toward adventure and untold riches.  Kind Poseidon rode this seahorse to battle against the Kraken in Atlantis.

Boss_KrakenKeep an eye out for the bonus game, Poseidon Missing!  Poseidon and his family have disappeared and needs your help to find the King.  Finally, be prepared for the epic boss battles against the mighty Kraken!  His fighting tentacles are challenging, but you can defeat him and be rewarded with sunken treasures and coins!

This is an exciting and rewarding theme for all ocean lovers.  
Let's Play!

Guide to Running of the Bulls Countdown

Official Discussion ]


  • After you reached level 20+, you should see this icon along with the associated quest:

    Part 1 - That's no Bull! 

    TASK 1: Harvest Cranberries

    TASK 2: Collect from the Bank

    TASK 3: Place Running of the Bulls Countdown Prizes

    Complete Part 1:

    Part 2 - Lets Get Going! 

    Complete Part 2:

Guide to Cherry Blossoms Rain

Official Discussion ]

*****Summary FAQ*****

What are the prerequisites for this feature?Must be on level 10+.
Can I remove my Cherry Tree?Yes, but it will be stored inside the Inventory.
If I removed the Cherry Tree and it went inside the Inventory, would I have to rebuild it and start over once I took it out?No, you don't need to rebuild it. It stays at its' current level the time you stored it.
Can I store my Cherry Tree?Yes.


  • Step-by-Step Guide: Cherry Blossom Rains:
  • After you reached level 10+, you should see this icon along with the associated quest:

    Part 1 - Arboreal Restorationl! 

    TASK 1: Upgrade the Great Cherry Tree to Level 3

    Cherry Tree Level 1

    Cherry Tree Level 2

    TASK 2: Collect Cameras from your citizens

    TASK 3: Harvest crops while its raining Cherry Blossom

  • Clicking the Ask Friends button on the "Ask Friends for Cameras" will let you post a feed request for it.

    Complete Part 1:

    Part 2 - Say Blossom! 

    TASK 1: Supply cameras to all citizens who need them

    TASK 2: Clicking the Ask Friends button on the "Ask Friends for Tree Cuttings" will let you post a feed request for it.

    TASK 3: Supply goods to businesses

    Complete Part 2:

    Part 3 - Blossom Boom! 

    TASK 1: Harvest crops when it's raining Cherry Blossom

    TASK 2: Collect cameras for your Citizens

    TASK 3: Increase your population

    Complete Part 3:

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