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5 FREE Water - FarmVille 2

5 FREE Water - FarmVille 2

How to expand your Riding Arena and Stable Loft

Howdy Farmer!

Are you needing more space for your crafts and raw materials? Here's how you can upgrade your Riding Arena and Stable Loft!

All you need to do is win Elite Horses by completing orders. Once you've successfully filled an order, you will find your Elite Horse in your Gift Box and random materials for Stable Loft or Riding Arena expansions will be added in your game. 

To check your expansion, click on the Riding Arena or Stable Loft.

Click on Expand to check your progress.

These are the requirements for expanding your Riding Arena.

These are the requirements for your Stable Loft.

Remember, every time you win Elite Horses you will also receive 2 random materials for your expansion. You may also craft the parts in the Craftshop or purchase them using Farm Cash. Each expansion will give an additional 5 storage slots.

Let's win those beautiful Elite Horses!

10 FREE Water - FarmVille 2

10 FREE Water - FarmVille 2

5 FREE Water - FarmVille 2

5 FREE Water - FarmVille 2

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The Crop Dryer!

Please Note: This feature is not yet available to players. 

Introducing, the Crop Dryer! Use this new building to dry your Water Crops to sell or use in crafting Recipes!
When you unlock the Appaloosa River Expansion to the right of Camarillo Country, you will reveal the Crop Dryer. 
At first, it will look like a small pile of boxes. Click on it, and then you will see the following pop-up. Click on the “Finish Building” button to get started.

  Crop Dryer - FarmVille 2

Building the Crop Dryer:

Your first step is collecting construction parts. You will need the following items to start building your Crop Dryer:
  • Fan Blades
  • Fan Engines
  • Door Hinges
To collect Fan Blades, click on the “Post” button to post to your Facebook wall – you will get the parts when your friends click on it, or when you click on a similar newsfeed post.
Click on the “Ask” button to send requests for Fan Engines and Door Hinges to your Neighbors. If you do not wish to wait for your friends, you can skip any of these tasks for Farm Bucks.

Crop Dryer - FarmVille 2

Note: You can send a request for materials to your Friends every 18 hours.

Once you have collected the required items, click on the “Start Building” button at the bottom of the construction Menu. 

  Crop Dryer - FarmVille 2

Now that the Crop Dryer is almost complete, you will need a little help from your Neighbors to finish the job. The Crop Dryer requires four additional helpers, so click on the “Ask Friends” button to send some crew requests to your Friends. When they accept, you will see the spots in the Build Menu begin to fill. If you do not wish to wait for your friends, click the “Hire One” button to purchase crew members with Farm Bucks.

Crop Dryer - FarmVille 2

Inside the Crop Dryer:
Click on the Crop Dryer to open the main menu. This menu shows all of the Water Crops you currently have available to sell and how much Fuel you have.

  Crop Dryer - FarmVille 2

Fueling your Dryer:
Crop Drying is no easy task without the help of some powerful fuel. In order to dry your Water Crops, you will need to fill your Dryer with Fuel. Every time you use your Crop Dryer, it will deduct from your fuel reserves. The amount of Fuel you have left can be found at the bottom of the Dryer menu.

  Crop Dryer - FarmVille 2

Out of Fuel? There are a few different ways to get more:
  • Ask your friends to send you Fuel
  • Purchase Fuel Packs for Farm Bucks
  • Give it some time— Fuel for your Crop Dryer gradually replenishes itself after 1 hour.

You can obtain Fuel from asking your Friends for help or purchasing it in the General Store.

Click on the “Ask” button to send requests for Fuel to your Neighbors. If you do not wish to wait for your friends, you can purchase Fuel in the General Store for Farm Bucks.

  Crop Dryer - FarmVille 2

Using the Crop Dryer:
Once your menu is open, drying Crops is easy. Clicking on an item will dry it and clicking on the green button (B.) will dry all of your Water Crops with one click. Note: The Dry Max Possible will dry as many crops as your fuel supply will allow. The total amount of Fuel you use will decrease from the bar (A.) at the bottom of the Crop Dryer menu. Every time you click on a Crop, it (dried Crop) will be added to your Inventory.

Crop Dryer - FarmVille 2

Crafting & Earning Coins!
Once you’re finished Crop drying, it’s time to craft and earn some money! Your dried Water Crops and finished products can be sold in your Market Stand for Coins. If you have any questions about how to use the Crafting Kitchen and/or Market Stand, see our guides: Crafting Kitchen and Market Stand.

Additional Information:
  • You are limited to one Crop Dryer per farm.
  • You can only sell dried Water Crops and finished products in your Market Stand

Dive into River Farming!

Please Note: This feature is not yet available to players. 
Introducing, the Lantern! Dry your Water Crops to unlock special River Lanterns from Gus. Get all four Lanterns to unlock an exclusive Wasabi Crop Packet!
If you are level 15 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click on the “Okay” button to get started.

Dive into River Farming - FarmVille 2

Using the Lantern:
The Lantern feature has four stages. Each stage requires a certain amount of Crops dried. When you dry your Water Crops, they will fill your Lantern bar. Each time you fill the bar, you will win a lantern that you can place in the water.
To see your bar, click on the Lantern to open the main menu. Your bar is located on the bottom of this screen. The number at the bottom of the bar indicates how many Crops you need to dry and your current progress towards this goal.

Note: To learn more about the Crop Dryer, check out the guide: Crop Dryer.

  Dive into River Farming - FarmVille 2

As you complete each stage you will unlock a new River Lantern. The stages and respective Lanterns are as follows:
  • Stage 1: The Iron Light
  • Stage 2: The Timeworn Radiant
  • Stage 3: The Brassy Shiner
  • Stage 4: The Sunbeam
Once you have dried enough Water Crops, you will be able to harvest your Clipboard by clicking on it.

Dive into River Farming - FarmVille 2

The more Water Crops you dry, the faster you fill your bar. In addition, drying Water Crop Packets like Lotus counts twice!
If you do not want to wait to fill the Lantern bar, you can use Farm Bucks to skip these steps and get the next River Lantern right away! 

Wasabi Crop Packet:
Once you have earned all four of your River Lanterns, you can claim your Wasabi Crop Packet! The Wasabi is used in high value recipes in the Crafting Kitchen and Prized Wasabi are worth more points at the County Fair. If you would like a tutorial on the Crafting Kitchen and County Fair, please view our Official Guides: Crafting Kitchen and County Fair.
Click the “Share and Go To Market” button to purchase your first Seeds for Coins.

Dive into River Farming - FarmVille 2

Additional Information:
  • You are limited to one Lantern (feature) per farm.
  • You have 21 days to earn the four River Lanterns. If you do not collect them all, the River Lanterns will disappear and you will be unable to claim them. 
  • After the 21 days, you can purchase additional River Lanterns in the General Store for Farm Bucks. 
  • Harvesting regular Crops do not count towards the Lantern. Only drying Water Crops in the Crop Dryer will count.
  • If you want to see how much time you have left to claim your River Lanterns, hover your cursor over the Lantern (feature) on the dock.

The Appaloosa River Expansion!

Please Note: This feature is not yet available to all players. 
Appaloosa River Expansion - FarmVille 2

The rainy season has caused the waters of the Appaloosa River to rise. Luckily, this has created the perfect place to plant new and exciting crops!

If you are level 15 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click on the “Let’s go” button to get started.

Appaloosa River Expansion - FarmVille 2

When you first arrive at the River, you’ll notice that things are a bit overgrown. Give yourself extra room to farm by clearing the riverbank and surrounding areas! Additional land will become available as you level up. 

Which Plots Can I Unlock?
You can unlock the bottom two expansions on the River, which are located on the right hand side of your game board.  To see what level you need to be in order to access land, hover your mouse over the plot. Eventually, you will be able to expand your farm to the entirety of the River bank.

Appaloosa River Expansion - FarmVille 2

River Expansion Check-off List:
Before you get your rubber boots on, you’ll need to check off a couple of things to ensure that you’re prepped for anything that the mighty River may offer:

  1. Level 15 or Higher – Farming on the River is no easy task, so our greener Farmers will need to improve their farming skills and prep before they get their feet wet.

  1. Camarillo Country Expansion – Since it’s not safe (or fun) to cross through overgrown grass, you’ll need unlock the Camarillo Country Expansion to access the River. Not to worry though! Once you complete the Expansion tasks, the wild and friendly goats will help you clear the space!

If you are level 15 or higher and have the Camarillo Country Expansion, click on the plot to get started.

Expanding Your Farm to the River:
You can tell if a plot is available to expand on because you will see a sign pop up in the plot that looks like this:

Appaloosa River Expansion - FarmVille 2

When you click on a plot to expand it, you will see a popup. In this popup, you will see a list of requirements you need to meet before you’re able to unlock a plot, like this:

  Appaloosa River Expansion - FarmVille 2

Clearable Objects:
When you expand, there may be items on your new land that you do not want. Rocks and Debris need to be cleared away before you can use the space they are currently occupying.

How Do I Clear Something From a New Plot?
Clearing large objects isn’t easy—you’re going to need some help! To get started, click on the object you want to clear away. Once you do that, you will see a popup telling you what you need to do in order to clear the object:

  Appaloosa River Expansion - FarmVille 2

This popup lets you know a few things: 
  • What you need to do to clear the object
  • How many tools or people you need to help you
  • What you will get once you clear the object away
In a hurry to clear an object and don’t want to wait for help from Neighbors? You can purchase the materials you need and hire help using Farm Bucks.
Clearing requires you to complete two steps: one to gather materials you’ll need to tackle the job, and another to hire the crew needed to complete the task.  

Gathering Materials
  • Gather the tools you need to clear debris away by asking your friends to send some your way.
  • You can do this by clicking the “Ask” button in the popup window. A message will be sent from you to your friends (you can choose which friends get this message), asking your friends to send you the tools that you need.
  • Don’t have time to wait? You can buy the tools you need with Farm Bucks.

Hiring a Crew 
Once you have your Building Materials, you’ll get a second popup:

  Appaloosa River Expansion - FarmVille 2

  • To complete this step, click the “Ask Friends” button to send a request to your friends for help.
  • If they accept your request, they will fill one of the open positions, and you will see their Facebook profile picture next to one of the positions you needed to fill.  
  • Don’t have time to wait on a crew of volunteers? You can also hire a crew by paying Farm Bucks for each position you need filled.

Once you have successfully filled all four spots, the “Finish Clearing” button in the popup will turn turquoise (see image below), meaning that you’re ready to go! Click on it to finish clearing the object away.

Appaloosa River Expansion - FarmVille 2

Rewards for Clearing an Object
As you clear objects from the River, you’ll receive great rewards! The rewards vary depending on what the object you’re clearing away is made of (for example, clearing a rock gets you Chunks of Clay and Fertilizer, while clearing a piece of wood debris gets you wood planks.) After your crew is finished clearing an object, you will see a nice pile of rewards where the object used to be. Hover your mouse over them to scoop them up and into your Inventory, or just wait and they will be collected for you automatically.

Expansion Requirements (Detailed)
For each Expansion, there are a few requirements you need to meet in order to be able to uncover the land. Most Expansions require you to reach a certain level in the game and have a certain amount of coins and items in your Inventory in order to gain access. If you would like to view a list of the land Expansions that are available, check out our official guide: Expansion Guide.

20 – Appaloosa River – Unlocks when you expand Camarillo Country and reach level 15!
                Unlocks: Crop Dryer – If you would like a quick tutorial on how to use the Crop                 Dryer, check out the official feature guide: Crop Dryer.

21 – Buffalo Brook 
  • Reach Level 15
  • Expand to adjacent land
  • Prove Your Farm Skills: Craft 8 Cheddar Loaves
  • Gather Boater Hats: Get 18 Boater Hats from your friends
  • 750,000 Coins to Clear Land
               Unlocks: Baby Black Water Buffalo 
22 – The Riverside 
  • Expansion Coming Soon!

23 – The Far Shore
  • Expansion Coming Soon!

*NOTE: Right now, the River is only available by purchasing Early Access with Farm Bucks. Sit tight, though—these plots will be available to earn for free soon!

Water Crops:
The River Expansions bring farming to the water! Once you have cleared your first River Expansion, you will find one Water Crop plot. Click it to check out the Water Crops available in the General Store:

Appaloosa River Expansion - FarmVille 2

The great thing about Water Crops is that you don’t need to water them! Simply plant, Fertilize, and harvest your wet crops. Also, don’t forget to dry them in the Crop Dryer! If you would like to add additional empty Water plots to your farm, use the Water “Plots” button, located in the Tools Menu (see image below). Just click on the area where you would like a plot, and voila!

  Appaloosa River Expansion - FarmVille 2

If you would like some practice with River Farming, be sure to check in with Gus for some tips. Click here for our official Dive Into River Farming Guide. 

Note: You can add up to six Water plots per River Expansion.

Tip: Plant crops that fit your schedule. FarmVille 2 features a variety of Water Crops with varying harvest times. Planning ahead can save you the hassle of withered crops!

Crop Dryer:
Before you can sell or craft with your bountiful Water Crop harvests, you will need to build your Crop Dryer. For a quick tutorial on how to use the Crop Dryer, check out the official feature guide: Crop Dryer.

  Appaloosa River Expansion - FarmVille 2

Additional Information
  • You are limited to six Crop plots per River Expansion.
  • You must dry your Water Crop harvests in the Crop Dryer prior to crafting in Recipes.
Now that you know how to expand to the River, the rest is up to you! Use the extra space to grow more Water Crops to earn Coins or just let the Water Buffaloes roam wild in the additional space!
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