Thursday, February 28, 2013

5 FREE Power - FarmVille 2

5 FREE Power - FarmVille 2

FREE XP (CityVille)

Hey Citizens! We'd like to get you one step closer to that next level! Enjoy some FREE XP!

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Yoville’s Fashion Contest Feature!

Howdy Yovillians!
Let’s celebrate the arrival of a brand new feature on Yoville: The Fashion Contest. We know how much you all love those hottest looks contests on the forums, and we are happy to announce that now you can show off your glamorous designs in the game as well! So for all you fashionistas here’s a chance to showcase your creativity to all your friends and stand a chance to win rewards!! This feature will replace the existing YoMag.
NOTE: NOTE: This feature will be released shortly and rolled out progressively. Please be patient :)
Let’s take a look at how this feature will work:.
Click on the Hud Icon to view this feature:
On receiving this pop-up make sure to click on Play Now  to take part in the fashion contest:
All players can post their looks to Fashion Contest and win cool rewards on having been voted as the Hottest Looks. You can also avail of discounts on purchasing all the items at the same time from any of the Trending or Hottest Looks using the Buy All option .
On posting your look, it will get updated in the Newest tab.
You will have the ability to vote for any player in the game.
The more votes a Player accumulates, will have him/her make it to the Trending section.
If you have a high number of votes, you will then make it to the Hottest Section.The top 25 designs will make It to the Hottest section.
You will also be able to view your friends’ looks under the friends tab.
Top looks by rating for the last 15 days with high votes will appear under the Best of 15 days tab. Votes cannot be cast for looks listed here.
You will be able to buy an entire look at attractive discounts. Expired items will not be available for purchase and VIP items will not be available to Non VIP Players.
Each Contest will run for a three days during which you will have time to publish your look on this platform.
At the end of the contest, the Top 25 designs on the Hottest tab will win rewards.  Hottest, Trending and Newest looks are reset after every Contest.
That’s all for now folks. Let us know what you think and post your comments in the discussions section of the forums.

FREE Bonus Crew - CityVille

What better way to start off your day than FREE Bonus Crew from CityVille!

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Free Round 2 Shootout Skip (Zynga Poker)

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Morning Bonuses for Thursday, February 28th

- FREE 3 Water (works every 24 hours) ---->

FREE Watering Can (1 per Farmer until March 2nd)  -
- FREE Flower Food (1 per Farmer until March 6) ---->

- E-mail bonus (works every 24 hours)---->
- Toolbar Bonus ---->
- 50 FREE Power Cards (if you have not pick it still) ---->

- FREE Chips ------>

- FREE Energy ---->

- FREE Permit ---->

- FREE Salvage Sage ---->

FREE Chips (Zynga Poker)

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FREE Salvage Sage

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FREE Permit - CityVille

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FarmVille Release - Evening in Paris II

Bonjour, Farmers! Here is some information about our latest release. Enjoy!
Limited Edition: Evening in Paris II
  • Notre Dame Gargoyle Tree - Level 2, 14 Cash
  • Notre Dame Cathedral Tree - Level 1, 8 Cash
  • Louvre Pyramid Tree - Level 1, 6 Cash
  • Moonlit Bridge Tree - 12 Cash
  • Toulouse-Lautrec Unicorn - 30 Cash
  • Fashion Designer Horse - 26 Cash
  • French Mime Cow - 20 Cash
  • Moulin Rooster - 15 Cash
  • Fromage Sheep - 16 Cash
  • Golden Pegasus - 30 Cash
Buildings and Decorations:
  • Night Springs Fountain - 10 Cash (Animated!)
  • Baugette Wagon - 10 Cash
  • Eclaire Cart - 9 Cash
  • Moulin Rouge Building - 15 Cash

Gilda's Crop Challenges Are Here!

Gilda's Crop Challenges are here! Do you have what it takes to be an awesome Farmer and win some fabulous prizes? Find out by clicking on Gilda's Crop Shop at the edge of your Farm:

Once you click the Shop, you'll open a window, where Gilda will explain the requirements for her challenges. Here are a few pointers about these challenges to get you started:
  • All challenges consist of planting and harvesting crops.
  • Some requirements are for specific crops, and others are for types of crops (for example, any fruit or vegetable crop will count toward "Fruit" or "Vegetable" crop requirements.)
  • You can plant and harvest crops needed for these challenges across ALL farms!
  • You have 12 days to complete all challenges, so hurry!  
**Remember: Sharing your feedback on this feature in the comments automatically enters you to win 50 FC in our Comment of the Week contest!**
Ready to get started? Here are the requirements and rewards for Gilda's Crop Challenges.
Challenge #1:

  • Harvest any 50 Crops (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 100 Vegetable Crops (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 100 Fruit Crops (skip for 10 FC)
  • 125 XP
  • Unwither
  • 2500 Coins
Challenge #2:
  • Harvest 150 Pink Toadstools (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 150 Grain Crops (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 150 Flower Crops (skip for 10 FC)

  • 150 XP
  • 8 Vehicle Parts
  • 3000 Coins
Challenge #3
  • Harvest 200 Mesa Queen Flowers (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 200 Lilacs (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 200 Dandelions (skip for 10 FC)

  • 175 XP
  • Turbo Charge
  • 3500 Coins
Challenge #4
  • Harvest 250 Rose Hearts (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 250 Fruit Crops (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 250 Vegetable Crops (skip for 10 FC)

  • 200 XP
  • Magic Tree
  • 4000 Coins
Challenge #5
  • Harvest 250 Wheat (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 250 Cotton (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 250 Rice (skip for 10 FC)

  • 225 XP
  • Kaleidoscope Tree
  • 4500 Coins
Challenge #6
  • Harvest 300 Chamomiles (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 300 Rainbow Candy Flosses (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 300 Glass Butterflies

  • 250 XP
  • Stained Glass Dragon
  • 5000 Coins
Challenge #7
  • Harvest 300 Mushroom Fairies (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 300 Golden Poppies (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 300 Fruit Crops (skip for 10 FC)

  • 275 XP
  • Dandelion Pegacorn
  • 5500 Coins
Challenge #8
  • Harvest 350 Brooches (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 350 Daffodils (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest 350 Vegetable Crops (skip for 10 FC)

  • 300 XP
  • Book of XP
  • 6000 Coins
Challenge #9
  • Harvest 350 Genie Lamp Crops (skip for 10 FC)
  • Master Pink Toadstool to 1 Star (skip for 20 FC)
  • Master Mesa Queen Flower to 1 Star (skip for 20 FC)

  • 325 XP
  • Cuddly Bear Crop License
  • 6500 Coins

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Free Flower Food - FarmVille

Claim your Flower Food until March 6 at 11 AM PST. Limit 1 per Farmer.

FREE Dinner (Pioneer Trail)

Here's a Free Dinner from Jack! Share it with your friends so they can get one too!

FREE Energy - CityVille

Keep your city going with Free Energy! What would you do when you get them?

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Level 30

Players have been curious about their game Level stopping at 30. 

We would like to confirm that this is not a bug as the Level Cap for Ruby is Level 30.

The Ruby Team is constantly looking into the possibility of adding new features to the game, 
but there is no short-term plan to add new levels.

Please be patient and remember that our caution always comes from the need to make sure our games are ready for new features to guarantee a pleasant gaming experience for you all. 

Although your display doesn't change at present, any experience you have been gaining past Level 30 should automatically be counted when and if new levels will be added.

We always love to hear suggestions from our players regarding different features and changes such as the current level cap. Please click here to visit our game product suggestions and feedback forum page and leave your comments.

Thank you, 
Zynga Customer Support - Connecting the World through Games!

Alliances! FAQ


Soldiers- we're ready to introduce you the coolest feature yet....... ALLIANCES!

User-added image

For the first time ever, we're giving you the chance to team up with your
friends and help each other in battles! 

Here's a guide, on how the feature will work:

This great new feature allows you to:

- Form Alliances with your friends, to fight global opponents and win medals and
  powerful units.
- This feature allows neighbors to team up into Alliances of up to 10 players.
- Alliances will be able to fight other teams through the World Domination Mode.

Where can i find this feature?

You can get started on forming your new Alliance, by clicking on the icon
that appears to the left of your neighbor bar.

User-added image

How do you go about this?

Alliances will let you team up with your friends and help them in battle. You can begin your journey by becoming an Alliance leader! 

Should you choose not to, you can opt to join your neighbor’s Alliance instead. You can join your friends’ Alliances for free. 

How do I become a leader?

To lead an Alliance of your own, you have to prove you have what it takes! Show everyone that you possess the three key aspects of what it takes to be a powerful leader :

  • Wealth: Leading an Alliance is an expensive affair. You must prove you can support one.
  • Power: Only the most powerful can be Alliance leaders. Don’t be afraid to get brutal in the field.
  • Connections:Who you know matters. Prove you have the right connections to make your Alliance the strongest.

User-added image

You need to complete all three of these individual quests to create an Alliance.

What can a leader do?

The leader gets privileges that regular members do not receive.
The leader decides:

  • The name of the Alliance
  • The crest (symbol ) that represents your alliance in battle
  • Choice to remove members out of the Alliance


Crests are shields that represent your Alliance, so that your neighbors and you can identity them anywhere. The leader of the Alliance may choose his Alliance crest from the following options:

User-added image

Note: you can choose to change your crest at any point by clicking the edit button found in your Alliance profile pop up. 

What's next?
Once you have formed an Alliance or joined one, you may start inviting your neighbors and friends to join your Alliance. If you have enough neighbors, you can go to the World Parliament and find more players to join you.

Rules of Battle:

Once you have formed your Alliance, you will have access to exclusive new Alliance battles! Here, you can challenge and take on other Alliances, to prove to who is best. 

Defense:The combined strength of every alliance members defense force, will become your Alliance's defense force i.e. if somebody were to attack your Alliance they would have to face off against all your allies.

Attack: When you attack an alliance, you will have to defeat all of members of the opposing Alliance. After you defeat each member, you will win a dominance point bonus and damage the opposing Alliances health. If you manage to defeat the whole Alliance (every member), you will win a big domination point reward!!

Health: Every time you are defeated in battle, you lose health. So keep an eye out for your weak spot. If your Alliance has more health than anyone else in World domination, before world domination mode refreshes (look out for the timer in the game), your entire Alliance will win a crown and a HUGE domination point prize!
**With all of these domination points that you accumulate, you will be able to unlock powerful new units, faster than ever before (and permanently)**

Allies: your Allies will be able to give your power ups during an Alliance battle, so that you will be fighting alone. You can ask for power ups by selecting who you would like help from. 

Rivals: any Alliances that have attacked you will appear on your 'rivals list' on world domination mode. This will allow you to battle other Alliances one on one!

How to get ‘Crown’ in alliances? How to get alliance health? How to Abandon/ Leave an Alliance? 

How to get ‘Crown’ in alliances

1. To get a Crown, your alliance must have the highest health out of all the alliances seen in the list in World Domination -> Alliances tab when the timer expires.
Case 1:

In the above images My alliance ‘Ninja Alliance’ has thousand health points which is greater than the alliance second in the list ‘Geoff Alliance’.
I will only receive the ‘Crown’ if my alliance can maintain a higher health out of all the alliance in the list when the timer showing ‘1:11:16:33’ expires.
When the timer expires the List refreshes

And I get the pop-up saying my alliance has won a ‘Crown’

2. Your alliance is always shown first in the list, but in order to get a ‘Crown’ your alliance health must be higher than the health of the alliance 2nd in the list( The list is always sorted in Decreasing health, Except for your alliance)

Case 2:

In the above screenshot my alliance ‘Ninja Alliance’ has a lower health that the 2nd alliance ‘Geoff Alliance’ therefore if my alliance still has a lower health than the other alliance in the list when the timer expires then I won’t receive  a ‘Crown’.

How to get alliance health

 1. Win alliance battles
10 Health points are added if you win 1 wave in alliance battle. ( Defeating a 5 member alliance = 10 X 5 ie, 50 health points will be added to your overall alliance strength)

2. Winning a ‘Crown’ adds a certain percentage of health to your alliances total health (the percentage of health varies from alliance to alliance) 

2. You can always restore complete health by purchasing Health points using ‘Empire Points’ from the Alliances UI and from Alliances tab in World Domination window. The buy button is placed adjacent to the health bar

How to Abandon/ Leave an Alliance
An alliance member or leader can leave an Alliance by clicking on the abandon button in Alliance UI.

Please leave your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback in this thread:


Note that this is for feedback, NOT bug reports—bug reports should go in our new Bug Reporting Forum!

Get to it, soldiers! DISMISSED!

FREE Permit - CityVille

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2 FREE Extra Balls - Zynga Slingo

Take a trip to the tranquil NEW Koi Pond world! Here are 2 FREE Extra Balls to help you on your way, give Slingo a spin today!

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