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Guide to Area 51

Strange sightings have been reported in the sky above your city’s fields and fishing operations!

It’s time to investigate!

  • A New interactive community building.
  • Increase your Population Allowance
  • Spot UFOs and Capture Aliens for new rewards!
  • Upgrade and master your abilities.
  • Earn new quest rewards and alien content.

*****Summary FAQ*****

What are the prerequisites for this feature?This feature is available to players level 20+.
What is Area 51?This is a new interactive community building
Can Area 51 be placed in either my main city or downtown?Yes, it can be placed in either the main city or downtown. Note: It does not provide any downtown value
Is the available in the Build Menu??No, you cannot purchase Area 51
How many clicks are required to build Airea 51?3 Clicks are required to build your Area 51 .
What is the size of Area 51This feature has a footprint of 4x4.
Can I store in my warehouse?Building can be placed in warehouse, however build progress will be lost, if not fully upgraded.
Will I need buildable materials to complete the ?Yes , You will need to gather UFO Engines, UFO Signs, Memory Erasers, Alien Samples, and Classified Reports. You can request these from your friends, or alternatively, you can purchase these with City Cash.
Can I upgrade my Area 51 If so, what level can I upgrade this item to?Upgrade your Area 51 to level 5 by capturing aliens.
What are the stats of this item?Increases your population allowance 500 - 5000
Will the appearance of Area 51 change when upgraded?Yes it will!
Where do I find UFOs?Aliens have been known to circle crops. Try harvesting some.
Do I need anything to capture Aliens?Yes! Capture them on film! No violence please.
Where can I find film?You can request film from friends, collect through Area 51 Building drops, or purchase with City Cash
What buildings drop film?The Colony, Micromanage LLC, Alient Lost & Found, Energy Efficient Adobe, and Extraterrestrial Office. Note:These building will require materials to build.
What happens if I delete my Area 51?This building will be placed in your inventory.
How often can I collect from this building?You can collect coins every 24 hours.

Step by Step Guide: Building Area 51
  1. Once you have reached level 20 you will see the following quest icon and receive the quest to build your Area 51.

  2. Use the "Place" button on your quest to place your Area 51.

  3. To finish building you will need to collect build materials by requesting from your friends or purchasing with City Cash.

  4. Once you have gathered all the parts, just click on "Finish Building" to finish building your Area 51. 

Step by Step Guide: Capturing Aliens and Upgrading Area 51
  1. Once you have completed your Area 51 you will receive your friends as Agents in your City watching for UFOs.

  2. Make sure that you have supplied your agents with enough film so they can capture shots of Aliens in your city. You can request more film by requests, collect through Area 51 Building drops, or purchase with City Cash.
  3. Spot a UFO and click it!

  4. Celebrate with your friends by sharing film!

  5. Aliens! Capture a shot of them all!

Don't forget to finish your quest goals to earn more rewards!

Area 51

FREE Chips (Zynga Poker)

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Hidden Chronicles Photo Challenge

Hello Guardians,

We have received reports from some of you who were not able to take a picture or load the camera icon from the Hidden Chronicles Fan Page. We are aware of this issue and we would like to ask for your patience as we try to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Please check the game periodically for updates. We apologize for this inconvenience.
There is no need to submit an email for this issue. To help us out, click PleaseFix below to help us keep track of the total number of affected players.
Hidden Chronicles

Game not loading 8/30/2012

Updated 08/31/2012 at 01:22
Hi Farmers,

The Studio is aware that many players are currently unable to load their farms. We are working quickly to address this issue to get you back to your farms as soon as possible. Stay tuned and check back on this article for updates.

We recommend you click on "Please Fix" as an alternative to contacting us.
How does vote to fix work? By clicking on "Please Fix", this tracks the number of customers that have been affected by the particular issue. Daily and weekly reports are sent to the Game studio with the number of the players that clicked on the button, specific to the issue listed above.

FAQ: Labor Day


Due to the feedback received we have extended Labor Day by 24 hours. It will now end on September, 7th at 11.59 PM PDT.

What are the Labor Day Quests?

Buck is back, preparing Café to celebrate the Labor Day in style, with new quests, prizes and an amazing Labor Day Stove. 

What are the rewards for the Labor Day Quests?
For completing the quests, Buck will add to your inventory a Labor Day Parade 6x Ultra Stove. 

What are the rewards for the Labor Day Float?
Due to feedback received from our Chefs we are offering Spices and amazing new Dishes rewards.

Are these quests timed? 
Yes, Buck will be around until September, 7th, 11.59 PM PDT

Where can I start?
The best way is to use the icon on the right side of your cafe. 

I tried to place the 6x Ultra Stove but I can't find it. Where is it?
The 6x Ultra Stove needs to be placed by clicking Place It from the quest window. Make sure that you have an available stove slot in your cafe. 

You said it’s a 6x Ultra Stove but mine has a different number?
The number on your 6x Ultra Stove, placed from the first quest, will change at the same time as you unlock the burners. 

What do I need to do to earn all the prizes?
You will need to finish all the quests and complete the Labor Day Parade.

Of course, along the event, you will also collect spices, new recipes, coins and Cafe Points.

FAQ: Café Music Awards

How long will the Café Music Awards be available?
You will have exactly 9 days to complete our Café Music Awards, until 8thSeptember 6 AM, 2012.

What do I need to do to complete the Café Music Awards?
You will have to complete 3 Catering Orders, with 3 Stars each, within 9 days to upgrade the 4x Mega Stove to a Café Music Awards  4x Ultra Stove. You may also complete the catering orders with 2 stars or 1 star. However, you will not win a CMA stove in this scenario.

Do I need to do the Catering Orders in a specific order?
It is your choice which of the 3 Catering Orders you want to start with.

What will I get when I complete the buildable as well?
Due to feedback received from our Chefs we are offering an amazing new Dish as prize.

Will I be able to complete the Catering Orders once the Café Music Awards are over?
The Catering Orders will be available during the 9 days of the Café Music Awards and will not be available after the 9 days.

Do I receive dishes when I complete a Catering Order with 3 Stars?
Yes, when you complete a Catering Order with a 3 Star rating you will receive the following dishes:

Boutique Lunch: Croissant Sandwiches
Red Carpet: Highland Baked Grits
After Party: Pea Pancakes with Salmon

Please note that these dishes are not shown in the reward window but will automatically unlock in your cookbook after completing a Catering Order with 3 Stars.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

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No News Feed in Facebook - temporarily

If you are having troubles seeing News Feed in Facebook, and your "Homepage" in Facebook looks like on one of this images bellow, try to refresh, switch on profile then go back or even log off and back on Facebook.

It is only temporarily

Facebook is working on users profiles, pages and groups, so give them some time.

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NEW Achievements Guide! 8/28

Hi guys!

Good news. We have yet another 10 new mastery achievements for all of you to enjoy & earn yourselves some free chips in the process. These will be available to everyone today.

*Pot Hauler - Win big hands!
*Strength In Numbers - Win using the hand strength meter
*Take a Spin - Spin the bonus wheel
*Habit Forming - Log in at least once per day
*Sit-N-Goer - Win sit-n-go tournaments
*Mama Said Knock You Out - Knock a friend or buddy off the table (make them stand up)
*Movin' on Up (Bronze) - Win hands at any stakes table
*Movin' on Up (Silver) - Win hands at 100/200 stakes (or higher) tables
*Movin' on Up (Gold) - Win hands at 5k/10k stakes (or higher) tables
*Movin' on Up (Platinum) - Win hands at 200k/400k stakes (or higher) tables


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Free Breakfast (Pioneer Trail)

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A different game is loading on my account

Howdy Chef,

A few of our fellow chefs are reporting that another person's account is loading when accessing their restaurant.

This issue occurs when chefs are playing ChefVille on a shared computer. The browser would sometimes retain some of the previous player's account information. To correct this issue, may we suggest that you:

1) Completely log out of your Facebook account
2) Clear your browsers Cache and Cookies
3) Close your browser
4) Reopen your browser
5) Log into your Facebook account

This should solve the issue. If you are still experiencing this issue, please visit the ChefVille Technical Support Forums here.

Thanks for playing ChefVille and happy cooking!

My chef is stuck/frozen

Greetings Chef,

Some of our fellow chefs are reporting that their chef is stuck or frozen in their restaurant. If you experience this issue, please refresh your game. This should temporarily resolve the issue and we apologize for the inconvenience.

The ChefVille game studio has already been notified and they are working on a permanent fix for this issue. There is no need to report a ticket. If you do not need an answer from Customer Support, we recommend you click on "Please Fix" as an alternative to contacting us.

How does vote to click work? By clicking on "Please Fix", this tracks the number of customers that have been affected by the particular issue. Daily and weekly reports are sent to the Game studio with the number of the players that clicked on the button, specific to the issue.

You can also report this issue directly to the ChefVille game studio here.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Stolen A.I.!


A thus-far top secret robot prototype with Artificial Intelligence has been stolen from Dr. Seabolt’s lab! Sierra , (the prototype) can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. Bad things could happen if she isn’t found fast!It must be retrieved!

Lets find out how to go about this:
Begin this new quest by accepting it from the introductory pop up or clicking on the dome-cage on your island map. Here's what you should look for:

Next, go through the series of quests by following the instructions and complete them to win great rewards!


  • Players at levels 12 - 30 can win version I of the SpecOps Trojan Infantry and SpecOps Roger M-77 Artillery;

  • Players at levels 31 - 50 can win version II of the SpecOps Trojan Infantry and SpecOps Roger M-77 Artillery 

  • Players at levels 51+ can win version III of the SpecOps Trojan Infantry and SpecOps Roger M-77 Artillery!

Please leave your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback in this thread:

Stolen A.I.

Note that this is for feedback, NOT bug reports—bug reports should go in our new Bug Reporting Forum!

Get to it, soldiers! DISMISSED!

[Guide & Discussion] Flower Power Bed

Ville Fans,

Are you ready to get in touch with The Dream and become one with the universe? Well, now you will be able to use your Flower Power Bed to take the journey! Get help from your neighbors and friends while earning XP, coins and a few cool new items added to your inventory by participating in these quests. Read the guide below to see what it takes to get in touch with The Dream! Players must be level 4 in order to participate in this quest.

Release Notes

Official Feedback

To get started, once you are in the game, a message will pop up letting you know that the Flower Power Bed is Here

Click the “Start the Journey” green button to get you on your way!

The first quest will prompt you to purchase the Flower Power Bed in the market, for 1,025 coins. You will need to build it, so once you have it placed you will see the following in your house wherever you placed it.

**Note: Cash unlock prices in the guide may not reflect what you see in the game. 

Quest 1
Perchance to Dream: You're on your way to becoming one with The Dream. Place Sophie's special bed.
  • Have a Flower Power Bed
  • Plant Pink Tulips (5)

Reward: 2 XP & 75 coins

Quest 2
The Inner Light: Create a Vortex to your Inner Light by tie-dying some shirts.
  • Collect Dye (10) - Ask friends directly or click on Cabinets to get them.
  • Collect Thread (5) - Ask friends directly or click on Dressers to find them.
  • Ask Friends for Rubber Bands (10) - Ask directly from friends

Reward: 2 XP, 75 coins & Venus on the Halfshell Painting

Quest 3
Family Ville: Sophie says you're in a family with the whole universe now. Show them your appreciation.
  • Put on a Tie-Dye Shirt - Found under the Clothing menu
  • Collect Chrysanthemums
  • Ask friends for Zen (10) - Ask friends directly or find in the garden.

Reward: 2 XP & 75 coins

Quest 4
The Flower Power Bed: Finish the Whoopie-Pedic and get ready to dream.
  • Finish the Flower Power Bed
  • Have Lava Lamps (3) - Found in Market under Living Room >> Decorations
  • Collect Big Dreams - Ask friends directly or get from sleeping.

Rewards: 2 XP, 75 coins, & Blue Lotus Rug

Quest 5
Sounds of Sleep: Help Sophie make sweet sleeping music.
  • Have an Ally Soaring V Guitar
  • Have a Jam Session on the Alloy Soaring V
  • Be a Super Star on the Harmoniza Karaoke Machine

Reward: 2 XP & 75 coin

Quest 6: 
Little Sophie in Dreamland: Get ready to use your new Flower Power Bed!
  • Call over Neighbors
  • Cook Margherita Pizza
  • Make Flower Power Whoopie

Reward: 2 XP & 75 coins 

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