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[Guide & Discussion] Burly Bulls

Howdy Pardners!

Jasper needs his gold hauled. Partner up with friends to make bulls Super Burly, and see how much gold they haul. Collect them all and get amazing prizes!


Report all *Burly Bulls* Issues Here

  • Must be at least level 20
  • New crop - Bull Thistle - 8 hour harvest, on Free Gift Page
  • 4 New Collections - Bull endurance, Bull stamina, Bull Strength, & Bull Premium Strength
  • Red deer on Free Gift Page


We anticipate this is will be a medium term feature for most players and that the difficulty level is medium.


About Burly Bulls:

The Missions:
Baby Bull Steps
Place the Fitness Fort
Buy & Place a Burly Bull
Feed the Burly Bull 3 times
Reward: 250 XP, 5 Soybean crops, Physical Exam (needed for the building)
Feed Burly Bulls with Muscle Mix:

Becoming a Bull
Feed your Burly Bull 12 more times
Harvest 60 Soybeans
Upgrade the Fitness Fort
Reward: Thick Burly Bull unlocked, Red Deer, Hauling Trophy
Aint no Bull
Tend Red Deer 15 times (you have 1 in inventory and they are on free gift page)
Feed Thick Burly Bull 20 times
Upgrade your Fitness fort
Reward: Charcoal Burly Bull, 5 Spinach crops, Hoof Caps (needed for the building)

Strong Like Bull
Harvest 40 Spinach crops
Feed 5 Burly Bulls AFTER they've competed in the haulin competition.
Finish your Fitness fort
Reward: Blue Burly Bull unlocked, Bull Gate, 5 Muscle Mix
1 Wrapper Mission:
Best Buff Burly Bull
Raise 3 Golden Burly Bulls on your homestead
Reward: 10,000 XP, Golden Bull Statue, Raging Bull Boost
Fitness Fort:

Feed adult pigs for Muscle Oil

Wool Mats come from Adult Sheep

Tough tufts come from feeding burly bulls

Bull Manager:

Bulls with Friends:

They are storable in the Show Pen:

New Crop on Free Gift Page - Bull Thistle (8 Hour Harvest) & Red Deer

4 New Collections:

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All NEW yellow units - Blazing Inferno


Soldiers- look out for a whole new series of units with Blazing Inferno!

What do these new units do?
Deal fiery damage with these fantastic new Yellow Units! This exciting new innovation ensures greater damage for quicker victories! 

What do they include?
The Blazing Inferno series will be bringing you a hot new selection of blazing units like:

The Faraday
The Hammond
The Raptor X-30 and 
The Chetnova. 

So grab these powerful new units in a fantastic new color and deal some fiery damage with the first set of Blazing Inferno Units!


Please leave your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback in this thread:

Blazing Inferno

Note that this is for feedback, NOT bug reports—bug reports should go in our new Bug Reporting Forum!

Get to it, soldiers! DISMISSED!

Menacing Mercenaries 2!


Soildiers- New Menacing Mercenaries 2 units have arrived!

That's right the Anubis, Raccoon, Abraham X-1000, Platana and Gharman are here!

Get them now!


Please leave your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback in this thread:

Menacing Mercenaries 2!

Note that this is for feedback, NOT bug reports—bug reports should go in our new Bug Reporting Forum!

Get to it, soldiers! DISMISSED!

Jade Falls Ch. 9 Quest Guide

Jade Falls Ch. 9 Quest Guide

(7 Days, Repeatable)

Stage 1: A Bird in the Hand
  • Get 6 Bincoulars (post to feed or skip for 30 FC)
  • Harvest 25 Lotus (skip for 10 FC)
  • Make 2 Egg Rolls (skip for 15 FC)

  • 50 ZP
  • Fairy Bluebird
  • 425 Jade Coins


Stage 2: The Tanuki
  • Get 8 Zoologist Hats (post to feed or skip for 30 FC)
  • Harvest 10 Grouper (skip for 10 FC)
  • Make 3 Bao (skip for 15 FC)

  • 100 ZP
  • Tanuki
  • 850 Jade Coins

Share: Riggings

Stage 3: Don’t Buffalo Me!
  • Get 8 Canteens (post to feed or skip for 30 FC)
  • Harvest 30 Sichuan Pepper (skip for 10 FC)
  • Harvest Fairy Bluebird twice (skip for 15 FC)

  • 150 ZP
  • Gaur
  • 1275 Jade Coins

Share: Wood Planks

Stage 4: Baby Bear
  • Get 8 Baby Bear Bottles (post to feed or skip for 30 FC)
  • Harvest 30 Imperial Tea (skip for 10 FC)
  • Make 4 Bibimbap (skip for 15 FC)

  • 200 ZP
  • Baby Bear
  • 1700 Jade Coins


Stage 5: Bear Tracks
  • Get 9 Bear Tracks (post to feed or skip for 30 FC)
  • Harvest 35 Lowland Ginger (skip for 10 FC)
  • Improve Imperial Ship to Stage 3

  • 300 ZP
  • Mama Bear
  • 2125 Jade Coins

Share: Wood Planks

Stage 6: Horse Around
  • Get 10 Sets of Camouflage (post to feed or skip for 30 FC)
  • Master Fairy Bluebird (skip for 20 FC)
  • Make 4 Thai Tea (skip for 15 FC)

  • 400 ZP
  • Karabin Horse
  • 4250 Jade Coins

Share:Wood Planks

FREE XP (CityVille)

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Guide to CityVille Games - Escapades

Go for the gold in the CityVille Games!


  • Compete in events to win prizes and medals.
  • Earn additional rewards for completing the associated goals.
  • Be a part of the CityVille Games!

Summary FAQ

  • Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?
    A: You have to be level 20+ to receive this feature and goals.
  • Q: Why are my events locked?
    A: The first event will be opening soon!
  • Q: How do I earn a gold medal?
    A: Fully complete the event before time runs out. By winning gold you will receive two rewards. Note: Each event will be timed.

  • Q: Can I earn rewards even if I don't receive a gold medal or don't finish in time?
    A: Yes! Depending on how much of the event you accomplished you can win a bronze or silver reward.
  • Q: Can I complete an event multiple times?
    A: No, you can only compete in each event once.
  • Q: When will the next event be ready to participate in?
    A: Once the previous event is completed. Note: Players can purchase early access for City Cash.
Part 1: Participating in an Event

  1. Once you have reached level 20 you will will see the following quest icon and event icon.

  2. Clicking on quest icon will open up the associated goals and clicking on the event icon will open the event menu.

  3. You will need to collect buildable materials to complete the event. You can ask your friend for these or alternatively, purchase them with City Cash

  4. Once you have completed an event you will receive confirmation of your prizes. To start the next event you may have to wait until the next event has been unlocked. Alternatively, you can unlock the next event with City Cash.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

4 FREE Rocket Fuel (CityVille)

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Mark Zuckerberg Reveals He Is Open To A Radical Change In Facebook Strategy

It's not often that a public company CEO suggests that he might be open to an entirely new product strategy, but that's exactly what Mark Zuckerberg did on Facebook's earnings call last week.
Mark Zuckerberg talksAllow us to explain.
For all it's popularity with users and resources from investors, Facebook has always been an understaffed company.
Except for the early years, when it couldn't hire fast enough, this has mostly been intentional.
It's a strategy. 
The company likes to tell star recruits that Facebook's low engineer-to-users ratio means they will have a greater impact in their work. They will have more "leverage."
This limited headcount has also gone hand-in-hand with Facebook's platform strategy: Facebook develops and updates a core set of features and products – and then gives third-party developers controlled access to its user-base so they can do the work of building out new products, features, and applications. 
Then Facebook attempts to extract value from those developers in some way.
What this abstract strategy has meant in reality is that Facebook doesn't make games for Facebook; it lets Zynga do it. Facebook doesn't have a music player; it lets Spotify make one. Facebook doesn't have a bookmarking service; it lets Pinterest build one.
During Facebook second quarter earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg re-iterated this strategy:
We've always been significantly smaller per employee compared to the number of people who we serve in the world. So it's really baked into the company that we have to build systems and software that take into account the leverage that employees here have. And that's actually one of the reasons why a lot of people love working here and one of the biggest reasons why people cite for wanting to join the company and staying here. So it's also affected the strategy. I mentioned we believe that all these consumer products, and maybe even more than consumer products that people use, will become social over time. But we can't build all those things ourselves, so we focused on building this platform.
But then he said something that surprised us.
He said: "Over time, it might make sense for us to build more of these things ourselves."
Zuckerberg has talked about Facebook's platform strategy for years – most memorably at a Web 2.0 conference in 2010 – and this is the first time we've heard him float the possibility that Facebook could, someday, start competing with the developers on its platform.
Facebook's sudden openness to owning more of its platform might terrify the developers who have been building companies and making a living there for the past few years.
It should not. It should be viewed as a potentially lucrative opportunity.
That's because  if Zuckerberg does decide that Facebook needs to start owning more of the third-party products on its platform, the smart way for Facebook to do it is to use its incredible horde of cash and valuable stock to buy, buy, buy. 
That's what Facebook did this spring when it bought Facebook-connected photo-sharing app Instagram for $1 billion.
Despite speculation to the contrary, Facebook isn't likely to buy a gamesmaker like Zynga. It already collects heavy taxes from Zynga's revenues, so the upside is limited. Besides, gaming is a hits-driven business where owning the studio is much harder, riskier work than owning the distribution point. Spotify and Pinterest are more natural (and neutral) extensions to Facebook's platform, and more likely targets.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/mark-zuckerberg-reveals-he-is-open-to-a-radical-change-in-facebook-strategy-2012-7#ixzz228sLTGgO

Facebook Could Buy Zynga

Facebook Could Buy Zynga

Could Facebook be ready to buy up Zynga? At least one report is suggesting that the social network has quit featuring Zynga's games to get its stock price to drop and make it easier to take over.
Facebook recently changed the way it's featuring games, showing the newer ones first and the older ones down the list, and that's been the death knell for Zynga, according to Seeking Alpha. So far this year the company had a 70 percent drop in share price, down to $3.09 a share, according to Reuters.
Seeking Alpha also suggested that perhaps Facebook changed its policy of highlighting games to "torpedo" its partner to get the price to drop and make it easier for a takeover. About $1 billion would cover it, and Facebook would get controlling interest -- and possibly its hands on the $1.6 billion in cash Zynga reportedly has.
We don't think this was done deliberately by Facebook. If anything it was because Zynga and Facebook no longer have its initial special relationship anymore. Zynga decided to expand and Facebook began to look elsewhere for social games -- even appearing on Google+ -- which did not endear itself to Facebook execs.
If anything, Zynga had much more to lose than Facebook in their partnership and Zynga decided to venture out to other social networks to boost its initial public offering last December. There's nothing wrong with that, but you generally don't get most-favored status from a social network when you aren't exclusive.
That said, Facebook buying Zynga could be interesting, but we have a feeling the social network should wait for the price to come down just a little more.
info from 

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