Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To Tea or Not To Tea Missions

After completing the 3 quests of the Tea or No To Tea Mission, Ocean Liner Scene still appears to be locked.

Workaround: Try clearing your cache or refresh the game; the scene should then unlock. 

If this issue still persists then click the "Vote to Fix" bandage below.

The Updated Market Guide

Navigating the Updated Market in FarmVille

The Market has been completely updated! We’ve integrated a lot more functionality to the FarmVille Market, added some new features, and streamlined the user interface to give you a much more enjoyable shopping experience.

You can access the Market by simply clicking on the Market button at the bottom right of the FarmVille screen as always. The Market is now divided into seven categories:
  • Specials
  • Seeds & Trees
  • Animals
  • Buildings
  • Decorations
  • Farm Aides
  • Clothes
The first time you see the Market you’ll be on the Specials tab by default, though afterwards you’ll be first shown whichever tab you were on the last time you used the Market. The Specials tab is arranged a little differently than the others; you are shown three special items we’d like you to know about, like the Mystery Game, specific Limited Edition theme sets, or other new features. If they are sets of items you can click on the “View” button to look through those selections; other features like the Mystery Game will have a “Play Now!” button that’ll bring you directly to it.

All purchasable items (including Limited Edition theme and other timed items) are split up into the other six categories. You can easily navigate between these categories just by clicking on them. Each category is also split into a number of sub-categories, depending on the category. By default you’ll always be on the “All” subcategory, which displays everything in that category.

Each Market display page shows up to six items; if there are more than six, you’ll see arrows on the right- or left-hand side of the window that you can click on to move between the pages of items. Each item entry has all the information you’re used to seeing in the old Market, including Buy and Sell prices, harvest times, XP gain, how much time left to purchase that item (if it’s on a timer), the Limited Edition theme it’s a part of (if applicable) and an icon representing the item. If the icon has a “?” symbol on the upper left, it’s usually a special item (like a buildable structure) and you can move your mouse over the “?” to see the longer description. An item that cannot be purchased will show the “Locked” image in place of the “Buy” button; moving your mouse over this will tell you why you can’t buy it.

You’ll also see a “Preview” button under the icon for many of the items. Clicking this will pop up a new window and show the item on a farm field next to a typical avatar, empty farm plot and a hay bale (for size purposes). This way you can see exactly what it’d look like on your farm.

For Clothes we use the “Try On” button, which will bring you to the Character Customization window.

To the right of the line of sub-category boxes you’ll see the “Sort By” pull-down menu. Here you can select how you want to sort and display the items in that sub-category. For instance, if I click on “Seeds & Trees” and then “Sort By”, I’ll see that I can display all of the seeds and trees in ten different ways such as Lowest Price, Longest Harvest Time, etc. Here we’ve sorted everything by Shortest Harvest Time:

Not all categories will have all of these sorting options, however. The sort method will stay the same as long as you stay in the sub-category, so if you select to sort by “Mastery Level” for “All” on “Seeds & Trees”, this type of sorting will stay as you move through “Fruits”, “Grains”, etc. until you change the way the information is sorted or you change categories.

The last new feature you’ll see with the new Market is the “Best Sellers” strip at the very bottom. Here you can see some of the top selling items in FarmVille at that moment. Moving your mouse cursor over each item will show all the standard information about that item mentioned above, including the “Preview” and “Buy” buttons.

Zynga Joins W3C Core Mobile Web Platform Community Group

We’re believers in open web game development. It hits core to our mission – in order to connect the world through games, we want to bring play to everyone, no matter the device or platform. HTML5 is a natural fit to do just that.
Zynga first started with R&D to figure out how to make social games entirely from HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Internally, we now have a fully operational game engine capable of producing high-quality, interactive isometric games. So, we know it’s possible to create rich games in HTML5.
As a first step towards rich, open web-powered game play, we recently released our first mobile games in HTML5. Following Facebook’s launch of its mobile apps and mobile site, Zynga launchedZynga Poker Mobile WebWords With Friends HTML5 and Farmville Express. We continued with the launch of CityVille Express, which is similar to FarmVille Express and helps players manage their cities on the go. In November 2011, we also unveiled the first full HTML5 game in the App Store: Mafia Wars Shakedown.
These games utilize new, emerging standards such as WebSockets and advanced CSS3 features to deliver a seamless gaming experience and create fluid animations. Each game also utilizes open web technologies in different ways, showcasing the level of depth possible in HTML5 mobile development.
Although we’ve been making great progress with HTML5 game development, HTML5 game development is still a brave, not-yet-standardized world.
In order to make the web a better place for games, we joined the W3C in 2011 and started active discussions with browser vendors. We identified many of the remaining issues needed to create rich, immersive gameplay and are helping to standardize them.
With the recently founded Games Community Group, of which the second in-person meeting was hosted at Zynga HQ, we tracked down many features specific to games that would be great to have in browsers.  However, it slowly became apparent there’s “low hanging fruit” that not only make a huge impact on games, but the mobile web as a whole.
Today, we are proud to be part of a new initiative to bring these mobile web issues into focus: the newly created W3C Core Mobile Web Platform Community Group. The goal of the group is to accelerate the adoption of the Mobile Web as a compelling platform for the development of modern mobile web applications.
The Community Group will bring developers, equipment manufacturers, browser vendors, operators and other relevant members of the industry together to agree on core features developers can depend on, create related conformance test suites and provide to W3C (and non-W3C) groups use cases, scenarios, and other input related to enabling successful mobile web app development.
We encourage all developers to start building HTML5 games today.  Only by pushing the boundaries, can we learn about current limitations and address them. And hey, we even have a few open source tools available to help you along the way!

The 32 x 32 expansion for Winter Wonderland

Need some leg room, Farmers? The 32 x 32 expansion for Winter Wonderland is now available for Coins in the Market! Make sure to share the news with your friends!

Play FarmVille!

Something's not Working - Browser Troubleshooting

We monitor our game performance very closely and make every effort to let you know in advance when your connectivity may be hampered due to issues on our end. In the event that you do experience some trouble while playing our games, we recommend that you first review the troubleshooting steps below, before contacting Customer Support.

1) Troubleshooting Loading / Out of sync connection issues

2) Feeds not posting / Friends not seeing request

3) FireFox users: How to improve loading of Zynga Games on Facebook

4) Flash Error / Flash Crashing - Troubleshooting

Current Known Issues - Technical Bugs

Listed below are some of the current issues the Cafe World Game studio is actively investigating and working towards resolution. 

Reporting Posting Issues to Engineer via "Vote to Click". 

How does vote to click work? By clicking on "Vote to Fix", this tracks the number of customers that have been affected by the particular issue. Daily and weekly reports are sent to the Game studio with the number of the players that clicked on the button, specific to the issue. If you do not need an answer from Customer Support, we recommend you click on "Vote to Fix" as an alternative to contacting us. 


             400 Bad Request
             I cannot collect from my friend's perfect servings feed post (Report this directly to our developers here)

We appreciate your feedback and thank you for your patience as we work with the Cafe Game studio to resolve these issues.

Zynga's Safety & Security

Zynga Bonus for Today

1. E-mail bonus reward for Today (Mafia Wars)
2. FREE attack point (Mafia Wars)
3. Daily E-mail Reward for Mafia Wars 2
4. 3 Free Spins (Mafia Wars)
5. Toolbar Bonus (Mafia Wars)
6. CityVille Daily Bonus
7. Zynga Poker Daily Bonus
8. Free 3 Energy for Hidden Chronicles
9.  Free Emerald Pony in CastleVille

FREE Surprise Gift for CityVille

Here's a FREE Surprise Gift for our players! Check out what you got! <-- Click here for your FREE Surprise GIft!

Free Chips for Zynga Poker

Free Chips!

Share chips with your friends every day and they'll share some back with you!

Red Rampage 8


Elite units are back- with Red Rampage 8!
This time we're bringing you Elite versions of some of the most powerful units available!
  • Elite Piranha Battleship
  • Elite Devilfish Patrol Boat
  • Elite Fledermaus Fighter
  • Elite Condor Bomber
  • Elite Jackrabbit Artillery
Please leave your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback in this thread:

Red Rampage 8

Note that this is for feedback, NOT bug reports—bug reports should go in our newBug Reporting Forum!

Get to it, soldiers! DISMISSED!

Cheats & Exploits


We've received a lot of contacts from our players lately involving cheats and exploits. While we obviously don't encourage players to talk about exploits on the forums—to prevent them from spreading—we do still receive emails and notifications from players about this, as well as doing our own research.

The most recent batch of exploits has allowed some unscrupulous players to obtain high level units without paying for them. This is bad enough on its own, but when these same players use them in World Domination it can make them very difficult opponents.

We want you guys to know exactly what we're doing to address these exploits.

First, as of last week the exploit no longer works. We tracked down and identified the problem that allowed players to get ahold of these units illicitly.

Second, this week we will be going through and removing all of the units which were generated through this exploit. It will likely take a few days before they get cleaned out, but we have a record of every single unit that was generated through this exploit and every single one will be removed from the cheater's Empire without a refund.

Since one of the variants of the exploits involves gifting, there may be some of you who received an unsolicited unit as a gift that was generated by an exploit. No action will be taken against your account, but the exploited unit will be removed.

We encourage you to continue to contact us via PM if you encounter evidence of another exploit in the wild. We're committed to making sure that our game is fun for EVERYbody, not just for the cheaters.

 Empires And Allies Forum

Coming Soon - Belloq's Black Market

Rene Belloq, the arch-rival of Indiana Jones, is here to offer you some Gadgets as a result of building his Black Market on Base Camp. Promising information that he won’t yet reveal to you or Indiana Jones, we only know that Belloq is a part of the upcoming Guardian of the Underworld maps in Egypt.
You will need to build the Black Market and craft new Gadgets in order to fulfill your missions on the new Adventures. As long as you are at Level 5 or higher you will soon have this opportunity. To begin, you should place Belloq’s Black Market on your Base Camp. 
Next, build the Market by asking friends for parts.
Once the building is complete, you can then craft new Gadgets for use on Expeditions. These new Gadgets include: Poison Scorpion Bait, Mummy Charms, Poison Cobra Bait and Bright Lamps.
The Poison Baits are used to defeat Beasties, similar to the types of Poison Bait found in Indiana Jones’s Tent. Bright Lamps can remove thick regenerating fog or sand storms so they no longer return when you move away. Mummy Charms will turn one hostile Mummy into your Ally to fight on your side!
You will have the ability to tend Belloq’s Black Market for Coins and XP when you are on your Base Camp as well as when you visit your neighbors. Depending on the Level of your own Black Market you can receive either a building part or a crafting part for one of many Black Market Gadgets.
We hope that you enjoy crafting and using these new Gadgets on the upcoming Guardian of the Underworld maps.  As always, Happy Adventuring!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Free Emerald Pony in CasteVille

Click the image below to claim 1 Emerald Pony

Goodbye To Winter Quest Guide!

NOTE: This Quest Line is Locked to Winter Wonderland Farm ONLY!

Help Zing the Elf and his friends move to their Summer Home in the new “Goodbye to Winter!” quest! Get through all 6 quests and receive the Elven Vacation Home!

Quest 1: Wrap it up!


  • Get 4 Suitcases
  • Harvest 1 Winter Aviary
  • Harvest 50 Mint Candy


  • 125 XP
  • 1 Airplane Tower
  • 2,500 Coins

Quest 2: Headcount!


  • Get 6 Passports
  • Harvest 1 Winter Animal Pen
  • Harvest 75 Gingerbread


  • 150 XP
  • 1 Stewardess Ewe
  • 3,000 Coins

Quest 3: On the Case!


  • Get 8 Snowy Footprints
  • Harvest 1 Stewardess Ewe
  • Craft 3 Ginger S’Mores


  • 175 XP
  • 1 Constable Woof
  • 3,500 Coins

Quest 4: Icy what you did there!


  • Get 8 Crime Scene Tape Rolls
  • Harvest 125 Peanuts
  • Harvest Constable Woof


  • 200 XP
  • 3 Turbo Boosts
  • 4,000 Coins

Quest 5: Room for one more!


  • Get 9 Sasquatch Baggage
  • Make 3 Peanut Brittle
  • Harvest 150 Gingerbread


  • 225 XP
  • 1 Sasquatch Costume
  • 4,500 Coins

Quest 6: Snacks on a plane!


  • Get 12 Airplane Snacks
  • Harvest 150 Gummi Bear
  • Master Stewardess Ewe to 1 Star


  • 250 XP
  • 1 Elven Vacation Home
  • 5,000 Coins

Early Access - Hawaiian Paradise

Aloha, Farmers!
FarmVille's Hawaiian Paradise is now available for early access! For only 45 Farm Cash you can visit this new farming destination and receive exclusive early access quests and items!
Early Access - Hawaii

Early Aloha Quest Guide!

Hey Farmers!

If you have early access to Hawaiian Paradise, start your new adventure with the “Early Aloha” quest! Get through all 6 quests and receive the Double Rainbow!

Quest 1: Aloha!


  • Get Plow 5 Plots of Water
  • Plant 10 Kelp on Plots of Water
  • Harvest Volcano Reef


  • 125 XP
  • 1 Hula Girl Gnome
  • 1,000 Coconut

Quest 2: Welcome to Hawaii!


  • Get 6 Tiki Torches
  • Harvest 10 Kelp
  • Harvest 30 Yellow Hibiscus


  • 125 XP
  • 1 Hula Girl Gnome
  • 1,000 Coconut

Quest 3: Float on Over!


  • Get 7 Pool Rafts
  • Harvest 40 Taro
  • Harvest 10 Mussels


  • 150 XP
  • 1 Vacation Ewe
  • 1500 Coconuts

Quest 4: Oar Else!


  • Get 8 Oars
  • Harvest 10 Yellowfin Tuna
  • Make Poi Twice

  • 175 XP
  • 1 Outrigger Ducks
  • 2,000 Coconut

Quest 5: Snorkeling Time!


  • Get 9 Diving Masks
  • Harvest 15 Shrimp
  • Harvest 50 Yellow Hibiscus


  • 200 XP
  • 1 Monkey Pod Tree
  • 2,500 Coconuts

Quest 6: Flippering Out


  • Get 10 Flippers
  • Harvest 1 Monkey Pod Tree
  • Make Inamona Twice


  • 225 XP
  • 1 Humpback Whale
  • 5,000 Coconuts

Quest 7: Whale of a Good Time!


  • Get 12 Aqua Microphones
  • Harvest 55 Hawaiian Orchids
  • Harvest 2 Humpback Whales


  • 500 XP
  • 1 Double Rainbow
  • 10,000 Coconuts

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