Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[Guide and Conga] Railroad!

Howdy Pardners!

Yer brother is heading west for the Gold Rush and wants to bring you with him cause he knows that YOU know what it takes to tame the wild frontier!


Report all *Railroad* Issues Here

  • Must be at least Level 12 to get this release.
  • New Collection
  • New area above homestead to build the Railroad.

To begin, you will see a letter drop from your big brother.

The Train Station you need to click on can be found above your homestead.

The first mission will appear:
Dealing With The Neighbors
Unwither 10 Neighbor crops
Clear 12 Cactus
Complete Phase 1 of the Train Station
Reward: Jumpin Jack (used for the construction of the Railroad), 200 Coins, 250XP

Staying On Track
Clear 12 Wildflowers
Craft 5 Iron Ingots
COmplete Phase Three of the Train Station
Reward: 450XP, Station Plans, Rail Daily Bonus

Sticky Water drops from clearing cactus or harvesting melon crops

Laying The Groundwork
Bake Five Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sell 50 Fully Grown Pomegranate Trees
Complete Phase Four of The Train Station
Reward: 950XP, Rail Supply Crate, Station Plans

Grand Frontier Station
Harvest 50 Peanuts
Sell 100 Adult Goats
Complete Phase Five of The Train Station
Reward: 1125XP, Rail Supply Crate, Train Conclucktor
Railroad signs drops from collecting the daily bonus which can be collected every 30 seconds

Steel Ingots come from collect the railroad daily bonus which can be collected every 30 seconds

Completed Grand Railroad:

New Collection:


FREE Bonus Crew in CityVille

FREE BONUS CREW! Get one step closer to completing your buildings with out having to ask your friends!

http://fun.zynga.com/1CX <----- Get yours now!

Forgetting The Titans!


Red Alert! Steele is under Titan attack...and we think one of your allies might be responsible!

Can this be true? Or is it a set-up? It's up to you to find out! We need to jam their sensors, or else they're just going to keep coming!

Forgetting The Titans is our latest Mini-Series—and if you complete it, you can earn not one but THREE of the new Buzzard Autogyro—a 750 Strength Tier 7 Airship, the most powerful currently available!

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Please leave your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback in this thread:

Note that this is for feedback, NOT bug reports—bug reports should go in our new Bug Reporting Forum!

Get to it, soldiers! DISMISSED!

Roman Rumble 2!


We're bringing out more units from the Italian military, in Roman Rumble 2!

We've got a new batch of units and buildings for you to construct in this round of Limited Edition content! Here's the list:
  • Carvour 550 Carrier
  • Sea King Airship
  • Elite Centauro Artillery
  • Elite Darco IFV
  • Alpini Training Deco

Please leave your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback in this thread:

Note that this is for feedback, NOT bug reports—bug reports should go in our new Bug Reporting Forum!

Get to it, soldiers! DISMISSED!

Shipping Licenses!

Hey Farmers!
Shipping Licenses are here! 
Transfer items to and from your Lighthouse Cove Farm with our latest release! To purchase a Shipping License, open your Storage Menu and click the new "Shipping Licenses" button at the bottom of the screen. 
Each Shipping License will cost 75 Farm Cash.
Shipping Licenses

Monday, January 30, 2012

Guide to Airports: Cargo Terminal

Place and build the Cargo Terminal in your city today! The Cargo Terminal deliver goods and surprises from all over the world!

  • New way to earn goods!
  • Airplanes have awesome departure animation!
  • Arrival of the most requested feature!
  • Earn rewards for mastering Cargo Planes!

Summary FAQ
  • Q: When does this feature unlock?
    A: This feature is available to players Level 30+.
  • Q: Can I buy another Airport?
    A: No, you will receive your placeable Airport through the quest. Airports will not be purchasable through the Build Menu.
  • Q: What is the size of the Airport?
    A: The Airport has a footprint of 12x12.
  • Q: Can I sell my Airport?
    A: No. Removing your Airport will result in placing it and your planes into your Inventory. Note: If you place your Airport in your inventory you will need to gather buildable parts again to complete your Airport.

  • Q: Where do I buy more Cargo Airplanes?
    A: The Airplanes can be purchase in the Build Menu. They can be found under the Storage Tab.
  • Q: How many Cargo planes can I place around my Airport?
    A: You must place your planes in front of the airport, which means you can place up to 4 Cargo Planes next to your Airport.
  • Q: How many energy are required to harvest a plane?
    A: Planes require 2 energy.
  • Q: When are the other Airport terminals coming?
    A: Soon 

Step by Step Guide: Building Your Cargo Terminal

  1. Once you have reached level 30 you will will see the following quest icon and receive the quest to build your Cargo Terminal in your Airport.

  2. Clicking on the "Place" button will allow you to place then start building the Cargo Terminal of your Airport.

  3. Clicking on your unfinished Cargo Terminal will bring up the list of materials you will need to finish it. You can get these by sending requests to your friends and posting requests to your feed, as well as by purchasing them with City Cash.

  4. Once you have gathered all the parts, just click on "Finish Building" to finish building your Cargo Terminal.


Step by Step Guide: Sending Cargo Planes

  1. After you have built and completed your Cargo Terminal you will earn the ability to send Cargo Planes. However, first you must purchase a Cargo Plane. Visit the Build Menu, under the Storage Tab.

  2. Once you have purchased a Cargo Plane, place your Cargo plane in front of your Airport in an available section. Note: There are only 4 available slots for you to place your airplanes.

  3. Once you have placed your plane you will then be able to send your plane. To send a plane, click on the plane.

  4. Clicking on your plane(s) that is attached to your Airport will display a pop up with the destinations. Select a destination that you desire by hovering over locations or clicking on them to read their descriptions.

  5. Once you have chosen a destination use the following icon to choose the plane(s) you want to send.

  6. Then watch your plane(s) take off on the runway!

Step by Step Guide: Mastering Cargo Planes

  1. To view your mastery progress click on plane, and then the destination.

  2. If you successfully harvest your plane(s) you will earn mastery points for the destination you sent your plane. These mastery points will be added to your progress for each destination.

  3. Once you have mastered a specific destination you will receive a star for the Mastery Level .

  4. Once you have reached Level 3 Mastery of a destination you will receive the reward associated with the destination.

  5. Once you have received confirmation of your reward visit your Inventory and place your reward in your City.


How can I remove a Poker Buddy?

To remove a Poker Buddy from your Zynga Poker app on Facebook:

1. Click the Profile icon on the left side of screen. Do this when you in the Zynga Poker Lobby or seated at a Zynga Poker table.
    • Your Profile will appear.

User-added image

2. Click the Show Buddies option, located at the top of your Profile window.

User-added image

3. Click the X Remove Buddy to remove that particular buddy from your Buddy List

User-added image

The Poker buddy you have removed will no longer appear in your Poker Buddies List.

Please note:
If the user you wish to remove does not appear under the Buddies list, or if they do but there is no option to remove them, please check to see if they are a Facebook Friend. To remove Buddies that are Facebook Friends, you will need to remove that player as a Facebook Friend. For more assistance removing Facebook Friends, https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=225994087410689#How-can-I-remove-a-friend?">click here.

• Those who are on your social network Friends list and have the Texas Hold'Em Poker application installed are poker Friends.
• Those who you have invited through the Texas Hold'Em Poker application while you are playing, are your Poker Buddies.

Zynga's recommendations for accepting gifts: Use the ZSC Inbox

The Best Way to Accept Gifts

You should use the in-game Zynga Social Center (ZSC) Inbox to accept gifts, neighbor invites, and other game-related tasks. The ZSC Inbox is seen as a small white envelope at the top right of your game screen (when not in full-screen mode).

User-added image

User-added image

Facebook Apps and Games page

Your Facebook "Apps and Games" page does not work as effectively as the in-game ZSC because the Apps and Games page is controlled by Facebook and not by Zynga. Gifts that appear on this page are often out of date as you likely accepted them from the ZSC in-game.

Example: If you accepted a gift through the ZSC Inbox, you might still see it days later on the Apps and Games page. If you click Accept for that gift, it will take you to the game, but you will not see the gift request and you will not be granted the same gift again because you have already completed that unique transaction.

User-added image

User-added image

Official Pioneer Trail Information

Wondering where to find what's official news on Pioneer Trail?

Official information can be found on
zynga.com, the Zynga's Pioneer Trail Forums and our Zynga's customer support site.

Zynga does not post official information anywhere outside of Zynga.com. Thus, please be very cautious with information and offers outside of Zynga.com.

Thanks and happy homesteading!

Money Tree Information

The FarmVille Money Tree is here! 

Starting on January 24th, 2012, the Money Tree is available in the Market for a limited time. Check it out now to view the number of days left for purchase. 

UPDATE: On January 27th, 2012, we temporarily removed the Money Tree from the Market. Please stay tuned as it will be available again soon.

Money Tree details:

- Costs 260 Farm Cash
- Harvest 10 Farm Cash a week for a year (You can double your money!)
- Harvests in 7 days
- Limit 1 Money Tree per farm
- This item is not a typical tree. It does not produce seedlings, cannot be placed in orchards, and cannot be instagrown. Additionally, there is no mastery for this tree and neighbors cannot harvest it.
- After a year, the Money tree becomes a decoration on your farm and cannot be harvested for Farm Cash.
- There are no refunds for purchases of the Money Tree


- Remember to harvest regularly!
- Make sure to place this item on the right farm because 
the Money Tree cannot be stored, gifted, deleted, or sold.

FREE XP in CityVille

LEVEL UP! Grab your FREE XP Boost! We're giving it away for a limited time! Get yours and get happy!

http://fun.zynga.com/19g <----- Pick up your FREE XP!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guide to Storage Upgrades!

Store more goods by upgrading your Storage Buildings! Come check it out today!

  • Increase storage capacity
  • Changes in appearance
  • Upgrades do not increase the footprint of storage!

Summary FAQ
  • Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?
    A: This feature is available to players level 15+ and owning the Sticks, Red Barn and/or the Silo.
  • Q: Which storage items can I upgrade?
    A: The Sticks, the Red Barn, and the Silo.
  • Q: Where did the Cargo Shed, Super Cargo Shed, and Storage Cellar go?
    A: We have recently removed these items from the Build Menu. We encourage you to upgrade the coin storage items to receive similar payouts and additional capacity.
  • Q: Can I sell my upgraded storage?
    A: Yes, you should be able to sell all of your upgradeable storage items by clicking the Remove Tool.
  • Q: What are the upgrade requirements for levels 2, 3, and 4?
    • Silo:
    • Level 2: 3 different materials, 3 of each.
    • Level 3: 3 different materials, 5 of each.
    • Level 4: 3 different materials, 8 of each.

      Red Barn
    • Level 2: 3 different materials, 5 of each.
    • Level 3: 3 different materials, 7 of each.
    • Level 4: 3 different materials, 9 of each.

    • Level 2: 3 different materials, 6 of each.
    • Level 3: 3 different materials, 8 of each.
    • Level 4: 3 different materials, 12 of each.
Step by Step Guide
  1. Once you have reached level 15 and have The Sticks, the Red Barn, and/or the Silo already placed in your City you will will see the following upgrade icon. By clicking this icon you can begin the process of Upgrading your Storage.

  2. You will need a few parts to complete the requirements towards upgrading to level 2. You can get these by sending requests to your friends and posting requests to your feed, as well as by purchasing them with City Cash. 

  3. Once you have gathered all the parts and finished the required tasks click on "Finish Building" to upgrade your Storage item.
  4. You will see a visible difference in your storage item in your City and it will hold more goods!
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