Friday, July 27, 2012

Collecting Feed Rewards from Live Social Stream

The Live Social Stream on will allow players to join in on rewards that other players post, and also allows players to lend their help to others, without leaving their game! Each game that supports the Live Social Stream (currently CastleVille, CityVille, and Hidden Chronicles) has its own Live Social Stream, only accessible while playing that particular game.

We have seen that some players have some questions regarding the Live Social Stream, and we'd like to address those questions!

Where are my rewards?
While we are trying to keep you from having to leave the game to collect rewards, unfortunately we're still not quite there yet. Some rewards won't register to your inventory until the game is refreshed. If you were able to successfully claim a reward, and it doesn't show up immediately, please just reload the game.

Why can't I collect more ?
While we're offering up everyone's Help Requests and Rewards to everyone else, there are still limitations, both per item, and per game. So just as you wouldn't be able to obtain more than fifteen 1x Energies through normal gameplay, you won't be able to collect more than fifteen of them through the Live Social Stream.

Why do I keep getting told to "Try Another One"?
Please keep in mind that you may receive a prompt to “Try another one.” This particular response is one that you should be receiving, in some circumstances, and is not one you’ll receive in error. Even though we’ve opened up so that everyone’s Feeds are available to everyone else, supplies on each reward or request are still limited at this time. When all available supplies for a particular Feed have been claimed, that is when you are prompted to “Try another one.” You'll also receive this message if you're at your limit for that particular reward in your inventory.

Why can't I see more than one Feed post?
Due to the recent redesign of, some players with lower resolutions will see fewer Feed posts on the Right Rail, and a longer scroll bar. If this is the case, the only solution will be to increase the resolution on your desktop to a higher setting. Higher resolutions allow for more visible space on the desktop, giving both and the games themselves the space they need so you can play with ease!
Thanks for your patience while we work on making the best experience possible!
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