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Zynga Teams with Amazon to Offer Zynga Poker and Words With Friends in the Amazon Appstore for Android - Kindle Fire Editions

Amazon recently turned up the heat on hot mobile devices with the launch of their new Kindle Fire, and Zynga is excited to announce its players can ‘up the ante’ with Zynga Poker and f-i-n-d Words With Friends in the Amazon Appstore for Android – on Kindle Fire.  Now in stores, Kindle Fire offers more than 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, magazines, apps and games that users can take with them in the palm of their hand.  New and existing players can download Zynga Poker and Words With Friends for free in the Amazon Appstore on Kindle Fire.  By teaming with Amazon, Zynga is providing a great and easy way for players to access two of their favorite games anytime and anywhere.  Hot stuff!

Kingdom of the Week Contest: 11/28 - 12/2 (CastleVille)

Hello Nobles,

Since the release of CastleVille, we have seen some amazing Kingdoms.

From the creative and unique to the downright impressive, we have been blown away by the hard work and originality of our players.

It's high time that our most talented Nobles get the recognition they deserve.

Please submit a picture of your Kingdom for a chance to be this week's featured Kingdom of the Week!

Our winning Kingdoms will be displayed on the Official Fan Page and forums, and our winners will receive 100 Crowns.

Do you have what it takes to create the next Kingdom of the Week? Show us what you've got, Nobles!


The Kingdom of the Week event will be held on a weekly basis.
Kingdoms do not have to have any specific "theme" to win. Just show us your best work!
Every Monday an official thread will be posted for players to submit entries.
For your entry to be eligible it must be posted in this thread, and the picture must be of your Kingdom.
The CastleVille team will select our favorite Kingdom every Friday.
No photoshopped (or edited) images are allowed, at all. And yes, we can tell.
No flaming or insulting pictures that other players have posted.
Posting will end at 12 pm PST every Friday (20:00 GMT).
We will announce our Kingdom of the Week on our Official App Page every Monday morning by 2pm PST (22:00 GMT).
Make sure you are creative! The CastleVille team will be judging the pictures based off of originality, effort and presentation.

You can help us pick the winners! We'll post a poll with the finalists on Friday!


Please keep your entries appropriate for all ages! We cannot publicly display graphic or inappropriate content on our App Page, so if you wish to be a winner, keep it clean!
No inappropriate content is allowed in the photos. (The forum rules still apply)
The photos must show your entire Kingdom, within reason. We do not want a zoomed-in picture of one or two decorations; show us as much of your Kingdom as you can!
The picture must be original. No images off of the internet.
Your entry must be an image of your Kingdom. No posting images of your friends or neighbors Kingdoms.
Entries that are sent to any members of the CastleVille team via PM or email will not be considered valid.
No spamming of the thread is allowed. This includes any content that is not relevant to the Contest.
One entry per person, per week. Choose wisely! (This means that creating an additional forum account to post multiple entries is NOT allowed.)
Only one(1) entry per person per thread is allowed, which means you cannot delete your post and repost with a new entry or edit your original post with a new entry; please keep this in mind when posting. Also please keep in mind that an "entry" for the purposes of this contest is defined as one(1) image of your kingdom; this means that your post cannot contain more that one image or it will be considered as a duplicate entry. Any duplicate entries will be automatically disqualified.


Each week’s winner will receive:

100 Crowns
Featured spot on the Official CastleVille Fan Page and Forums


For a quick tutorial on posting an image please see: How to Post an Screenshot.

A more in-depth tutorial on on taking and posting a screenshot can be found here: How to take a Screen Shot.

For help converting contest times to your time zone please feel free to use the following time converter:

Check in and play!

Holiday Hollow information & walkthrough

  • You must be level 15+ to receive this mission set.


To kick off the festivities, snow has returned!

Whenever you receive the popup below, click "Wrap Gift" to get started (if you aren't quite ready, select "Maybe Later" so you can start it at another time.)

The first mission will appear:
The Baker's Delight
Tend 20 Adult Sheep
Craft Holiday Bakers Outfit
Watch Holiday Hollow Video
Reward: 1 Large Red Present, 300XP, 300 Coins
Inside the red present is the Holiday Hollow Sign which will give out Candy Canes when you collect Daily Bonus. Candy canes work in Holiday Hollow like the charms did in Ghost Town 

Jack will then alert you to a letter.

Time to do the second mission:
Capturing The Town
Clear 10 Rocks On Your Homestead Or A Neighbor's
Harvest 20 Sugar Plums
Craft Snow Globe
Reward: 1 Large Blue Present, 400XP, 400 Coins
Inside the blue present is the Holiday Mantle which will also give out Candy Canes when you collect Daily Bonus.

Jack then appears with another letter.

The third mission:
A Nutty Suprise
Chop Pine Trees 30 Times
Harvest 20 Peppermint Trees
Craft Nutcracker
Reward: 1 Large Green Present, Jumbo Cane Market Unlock, 500XP
This mission calls for you to craft a nutcracker. Clicking "Craft" by the requirement will open the following crafting workbench.

Please note:
  • Fine Wool drops from sheep.
  • Pure Grain Sand drops from rocks on your homestead or neighbor’s homestead.
  • Fine Pine drops from large & extra large Pine trees.

Along with this release, we also have new crops!

And with crops, comes new collections 

Time to head off to your homestead & get started!


This thread is devoted to the discussion of THIS event only (if you have question about other game related events/issues/etc., please post in the appropriate thread.) Feel free to ask any questions you may have after reading over the guide we've provided above.

Maximum Inventory Limit Reached

Inventory limits can easily be reached when collecting large amounts of  material and items in CastleVille.  Listed below are quick points on managing inventory items when limits have been reached.

-Wood, stone, alchemist powder, exploration shards cannot be sold when maximum limits have been reached. Craft items through the workshop to lower your current balance and clear room to collect more wood and rock

-Take note of maximum limits for all inventory materials. When balances are reaching the max limit, sell items to clear room and collect more.

-Take advantage of crafting buildings (workshop, studio, kitchen) and continuously build items with inventory materials. Doing this will ensure materials don't go to waste by selling them away. 

Yvette Wants a Button?

Hello Kingdom Nobles,

Perhaps you've come across a situation where your subjects are asking you for an item (Button, Axe, Grape Juice etc.) or are not "speaking" with you at all. This occurs whenever you complete their quest lines. These items can be obtained by crafting them in the various crafting buildings. (More info on crafting buildings.) 

Check out the FAQs about subject request items below for more information.

Q: How do I know when I'm nearing the end of a line of quests?
A: At the top of every mission you'll see your progress number showing you how many more missions you have in that quest.

Q: What does paying Crowns do, and do I need to use them to progress?
A: If you do not have a certain item in your inventory, you can save time crafting by paying Crowns.

Q: What do I get for giving my subjects an item they're asking for?
A: Depending on the item requested, you will receive a coin reward of various amounts.

Q: I paid Crowns but didn't get the item. What's wrong?
A: Paying Crowns automatically gives your subject that item, it does not purchase it. You should automatically receive your reward from the character this way.

Q: I gave Yvette a button and now she isn't talking to me, why?
A: If you have finished a subject's quest line and given them an item, it may take some time to get more missions from them. Keep working on other quests and explore the Gloom surrounding your Kingdom, you'll have new missions in no time!


Fixed: Chicken Stock taste lab dish not counting?

Hey Chef,

Our engineering department fixed the issue with the Chicken Stock Test Lab Dish not counting towards your quest requirment.

As a sign of good faith, we've recently completed the tasks for A Fresh Request, Fetching Fixin's and Fred's Catering that required serving Chicken Stock Test Lab Dish.

If you have any questions, feel free to visit our Community Forums by clicking here.

Thanks for playing Cafe World and happy holidays!

Workarounds for posting and help request issues on Facebook

Many posting issues are related to Facebook's updated News Feed interface, which has made it hard for players to find game requests in feeds. Here are a couple of things you can do to make sure you are seeing Zynga game requests.

Cannot see my posts or posts from my friends

1. Log in to your Facebook account and click Home (upper right of screen) to make sure you are on the News Feed page.

2. Above the top news post, click Sort and select Recent Stories First from the drop-down list.

User-added image

If you do not see Zynga game posts, continue to step 3.

3. Scroll down using your browser's scroll bar on the far right side of the window. (Using the mouse scroll wheel will continue to open a long list of feeds.) You may have to scroll down a couple of times to reach the bottom of the News Feed as the scroll bar will refresh a couple of times.

4. At the bottom of the News Feed you will see a bar with two options: More Stories and Edit Options.

User-added image

5. Click Edit Options. A window titled Edit News Feed Settings opens. This window shows the friends or applications that are set to be hidden from your view. For example, if CityVille is in this list, that means you will not see posts from yourself or your friends who post CityVille help requests.

6. If your game is listed here, click the X next to the game name to unhide related posts from your view.

I can see my Wall posts on my own Wall but I can't see them on the News Feed, or my friends can only see my Wall posts if they visit my Wall

We know it can be difficult to organize the feeds. Game posts often get lost amongst the other games, applications, pages and friends' status updates on Facebook.

To help you find game posts faster, we have compiled a list of feeds by game! You can share one of the game links from the list below with your friends to help them find your posts for your favorite game faster, enabling you to receive the items you need to complete your missions or tasks, and you can use it to help your friends with their requests, too.
Login to your Facebook account and then click one of the following links:

Adventure World
Cafe World
Empires & Allies
Hidden Chronicles
Mafia Wars
Mafia Wars 2
Pioneer Trail
Treasure Isle
Words with Friends
Zynga Poker

By using one of these game links, Facebook will filter the posts so that you will only be see the news feeds for the selected game. You can view return to your regular news feed by clicking Home (upper right corner).

FREE Zoning Permit in CityVille

GOOD MORNING! How's your day going so far? We'd like to make it better with a FREE Zoning Permit!  <---- Get yours now!

Red Tide Rises...Again!


The Red Tide Rising content pack is back!

You guys have one more opportunity to build the Ekranoplan BattleshipHind Helicopter, and SU-122 Tank—and this time they can be upgraded in the Research Lab!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grass, Trees and debris growing back

*It's been brought to our attention some players are looking for hints and tips toward allowing debris & grass to grow on their homestead. The official Pioneer Trail forum has a very informative thread on the topic called "[Guide] How to spawn debris".You can find it and many other helpful FAQ posts on the official Pioneer Trail forumfound here-

The wilderness never rests onthe homestead, so neither can you!

However, if you're low on space, you can trade in some collections to get your debris!

--the Cow Collection now gives Skulls
--the Clearing Collection now gives Rocks
--the Wheat Collection now gives Grass
--The Cabbage Collection now gives Thorns
--The Manure Collection gives Wildflowers

Though it grows slowly, you'll occasionally find new grass, wild flowers, cactus and trees on y
our homestead. These will keep growing on your homestead until you start laying down crops, animals and orchard trees.
In other words, grass, debris and new trees will grow on empty or cleared land until you put something on it. You can plant crops or fruit trees, start a flock of chickens or a herd of goats, get a mule or a horse. Maybe start an Apple, Peach or Cherry orchard.
You could also choose to build on the cleared land to start your town. If you don't build, Mother Nature will take over and plant what she wants...until you clear it again.

Pecos Bill Missions Disappearing

We're aware of a situation where Pecos Bill Missions are disappearing. 

The amount of Salsa needed has been reduced to help players complete the missions before they expire. 

Some players are not getting the Mission Complete/Reward pop-up but the rewards are in the players' inventory. 

Indiana Jones in Adventure World: Available Now in Browsers Near You

Indiana Jones Adventure World Logo
Indiana Jones is his name, and Adventure World is his game. We’re thrilled to announce today that Indiana Jones, the KING of adventure, and the man with arguably one of the best 5 o’clock shadows in the history of facial hair, has crash landed in Adventure World.
The very special integration is part of a recent collaboration between Lucasfilm and Zynga to bring Indiana Jonesto social games for the very first time.
We’ve spent the last few months getting Indiana Jones just right from fedora to satchel. We know you’ve beenwaiting for him to arrive, so let the adventure begin…
Indiana Jones™ and the Calendar of the Sun is a brand new chapter in Adventure World where players team up with Indy in search of lost treasure. Available to all Adventure World players, the new chapter includes a total of three maps - Jungle ApproachLunar Mine and Mystery of the Moon Door - with more maps coming in the next few weeks.  In addition to the new chapter, players will see Indiana Jones weaved throughout the existing Adventure World story and the game will take on a new name, befitting a hero’s welcome: Indiana Jones™ Adventure World.
After crash landing off the coast of Central America, Indiana Jones makes safe passage and joins players on their adventure. Players meet Indiana Jones at the first map - Jungle Approach - where they learn of the Calendar of the Sun and begin their trek across deep jungles, dark temples and ancient mines to find it. There’s just one problem: a competing group of evil adventurers already have a head start.
The story is set prior to the Indiana Jones films (circa 1934) and includes a rival adventurer named Forrestal. Indyfilm buffs might remember a reference to Forrestal in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Players (and friends) star as their own characters and play alongside Indiana Jones as he whips, swings and runs over traps and beasties. Just like in Adventure World, players hand-select and control a crew of friends on their game board to help embark on the social adventure.
Indy, being Indy, has some great weapons, gadgets and moves. Watch and learn as he swings across gaps with his whip, easily clears bushes with his machete and dodges runaway boulders. Players will also receive special collections that can be redeemed for a “mystery box” of adventure goodies. Items at launch include: an Archaeology Term Paper, a Satchel, an Antidote, Glasses and a Journal.
Hold on to those fedoras, because even more Indiana Jones content and features will be on the way. Players will also soon get access to some of Indiana Jones’ favorite gadgets and flair in future releases. Special items coming soon include:  
  • Indiana Jones Decor: Three different outfits will soon be available for players to show off the finest khaki on suede, on leather, fashion
  • Indiana Jones Gadgets: In upcoming maps, players will get access to Indiana Jones’ tent, offering new gadgets that can be used on their journey. Gadgets coming soon include: snake bait, greased pushblocks and even a bear trap.
Indiana Jones™ and the Calendar of the Sun is available to play for free today in Adventure World. The chapter is available in 14 languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Norwegian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Danish, Japanese and Dutch). Visit begin your Indy adventure today
Check out the launch trailer here, and ogle away at the screens below.
 Jungleapproach_indy run

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