Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cannot open gift Inbox/Envelope, travel between farms, expand/minimize play window - Updated 12/10/2011

FarmVille players are unable to open the gift request envelope icon on the top right corner of the game. Thus, users are unable to access their gift and neighbor requests. This issue appears to have started around 2pm PST on 12/9/2011.

Further reports are that players are also missing the button that allows them to switch between farms in the upper right-hand corner of their play window, the buttons which allow them to maximize and minimize their play window, and the buttons which allow them to adjust their sound settings.

We are actively investigating this issue right now to resolve it as soon as possible, however we have early indication that this issue may be browser specific and recommend trying another web browser in the short term, as we look to address the issue. Clearing your cache and/or travelling using the Globe icon in the lower right-hand corner of your play screen is also suggested, in the meantime.
There is no need to submit an email for this issue. To help us out, click Please Fix below to help us keep track of the total number of affected players.
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