Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grass, Trees and debris growing back

*It's been brought to our attention some players are looking for hints and tips toward allowing debris & grass to grow on their homestead. The official Pioneer Trail forum has a very informative thread on the topic called "[Guide] How to spawn debris".You can find it and many other helpful FAQ posts on the official Pioneer Trail forumfound here- http://forums.zynga.com/showthread.php?t=993708

The wilderness never rests onthe homestead, so neither can you!

However, if you're low on space, you can trade in some collections to get your debris!

--the Cow Collection now gives Skulls
--the Clearing Collection now gives Rocks
--the Wheat Collection now gives Grass
--The Cabbage Collection now gives Thorns
--The Manure Collection gives Wildflowers

Though it grows slowly, you'll occasionally find new grass, wild flowers, cactus and trees on y
our homestead. These will keep growing on your homestead until you start laying down crops, animals and orchard trees.
In other words, grass, debris and new trees will grow on empty or cleared land until you put something on it. You can plant crops or fruit trees, start a flock of chickens or a herd of goats, get a mule or a horse. Maybe start an Apple, Peach or Cherry orchard.
You could also choose to build on the cleared land to start your town. If you don't build, Mother Nature will take over and plant what she wants...until you clear it again.
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