Monday, October 31, 2011

Guide to Sam's Open House

Visit Sam's city to preview and purchase special items!

Summary FAQ
  • Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?
    A: You have to be level 10+ to use this feature.

Reference Guide
  1. Click on Sam's neighbor icon to go to her city.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass on the left-hand side of your screen to toggle between regular mode and purchasing mode.
  3. When in purchasing mode you will see the magnifying glass icon above every item available for purchase from Sam's city.
  4. Click on the item you wish to purchase to see more information and to purchase it. Once purchased the items will go into your inventory; please note that you have to go back to your home city before you can access your inventory.
  5. Click on the magnifying glass icon again to toggle back to regular mode, if you wish to complete the usual 5 visiting actions; such as collecting rent, sending tour buses, etc.
Check out Sam's city and start shopping today!
Happy Building,

Elite Fleet Week!


Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you're having a delightful Halloween!

Rather than candy, we have another little gift for you: it's the Elite Fleet Week content pack!

We're releasing upgraded versions of the greatest military vessels in history—the Yamato, the H. M. S. Hood, the U. S. S. Enterprise, and the Bismarck! And this time, all of these new ships can be Upgraded in the Navy Research Lab!

We've also rolled out a collection of improvements and bug fixes!

  • We've added a "Big Spender" Leaderboard, for coins spent.

  • The Zumwalt now has its name spelled correctly. >.<
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to build some units for free. Sorry guys. :P
  • Fixed a number of small graphical issues.
  • Miscellaneous other bug fixes.

Energy Ghosts

Catch these sneaky ghosts to earn energy and coins!

  • Energy and Coins for catching ghosts.
Summary FAQ
  • Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?
    A: You have to be level 10+ to receive this feature.
  • Q: Will I lose energy?
    A: No you will not; you can only gain energy from this feature.
  • Q: How can I start this mission?
    A: You will see a pop-up when you load the game; you can also start it by clicking on the quest icon for it.
  • Q: How long will I have to complete it?
    A: You will have 1 minute to catch as many ghosts as you can.
  • Q: How will I know how much time I have left and how many ghosts I have captured?
    A: You will see a counter for both on the right side of your screen when you start the mission.
  • Q: How can I find these ghosts?
    A: They will be moving around along your roads; click on them to capture.
  • Q: What are the rewards for catching ghosts?
    A: You will receive 1 energy and 30 coins for each ghosts captured. Please note that energy will be added to your energy bar.
How many can you catch?

Happy Halloween!

FREE Bonus Crew in CityVille

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Celebrate with a FREE Bonus Crew in CityVille ! Click "Share" to make sure your friends get one too! <---- Grab yours now!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guide to Spy Agency

Go undercover with the new Spy Agency!

  • Increase your city's population allowance.
  • A new animated community building!
Summary FAQ
  • Q: How can I receive the Spy Agency?
    A: You will receive quests for them when you reach level 35+.
  • Q: What is the population allowance for the Spy Agency?
    A: The Spy Agency will allow 1700 population.
  • Q: Does the Spy Agency require parts or staff?
    A: Spy Agency requires parts.
  • Q: What will happen if I delete the Spy Agency from my city?
    A: They will go back into your inventory; please keep in mind that you will have to gather parts for it again if you want to rebuild.
Step by Step Guide: Spy Agency
  1. Once you have reached level 35 you will see the following quest icon and receive the quest to build your Soccer Stadium.

  2. Clicking on the "Place" button will allow you to place then start building your Spy Agency (it will take 5 clicks to build it). Note, if you ever delete it from your city you will be able to find it again in your inventory and it will have to be rebuilt.

  3. Clicking on your unfinished Spy Agency will bring up the list of materials you will need to finish it. You can get these by sending requests to your friends and posting requests to your feed, as well as by purchasing them with City Cash.
  4. Once you have gathered all the parts, just click on "Finish Building" and you will have your very own Spy Agency!

Build yours today!
Happy Building,


GOOD MORNING! Grab a cup of coffee and a FREE Zoning Permit in CityVille! Get ready to expand your City today!. <------ FREE Zoning Permits!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dream Zoo

Players can collect exotic animals with Zynga's newest mobile game, Dream Zoo. The game, available in the iOS App Store, lets users collect animals, including polka-dotted giraffes.

FREE goods now in CityVille

FREE GOODS! We're giving them away for a limited time. Stock up your businesses now! <----- Grab yours!

Still unable to send or request gifts or quests items - Updated 10/28/2011

Hello Farmers,

Some players have reported that they cannot send or receive gifts/quest items. This may manifest in multiple ways:

-  Unable to publish requests for Quest items or free gifts
-  Unable to send free gifts due to an empty friends list
-  Requests do not publish to the news feed even after clicking share


We do understand that it can affect your ability to complete quests or finish buildings. Our team is still investigating this issue.

One recommendation is to use Chrome and Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

If you are affected by this issue, please click the Vote button below so we can report an accurate number of affected users to our development team. Additionally, we appreciate all feedback and suggestions. To submit a suggestion, click on the "submit suggestions" link on the top right corner of the support page. This information helps us share your thoughts and opinions with the FarmVille team.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

- FarmVille Support Team

Unable to harvest the Reverse Skunk or Granny Wolf

We are receiving notifications from Players that are unable to progress in the Trick or Treat Quest 2 and 3 since harvesting the Reverse Skunk and Granny Wolf are not counting towards the quest tasks.

We are aware of this issue and are currently investigating.

As a workaround, to receive credit for the Quest, please harvest the Reverse Skunk and Granny Wolf outside of the breeding pens.

Note:  *If you put unready animals inside of a "ready to harvest" breeding pen and then harvest the pen, there is a bug showing that credit is given for the quest task. This is a display error. With breeding pens, the animal harvest credit is given the next time you harvest the pen since the unready animal needs to go through the waiting cycle for the pen to be ready again.

Thanks for your cooperation.

- FarmVille Customer Support

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Haunted Village Walkthrough

Hello, Adventurers!

Welcome to the first of our four Halloween Maps! The Haunted Village is a really fun map, and I very much enjoyed it. We hope you do too!

As always, you can get to the map by clicking on the "Map" button:

And then clicking on the "Haunted Village" button.

Let's get going!

The entire map:

You will start out with the first quest already revealed:

The spiders that drop the gravestone pieces are slower moving, as the Professor explains:

In case you need help finding things:

Quest #2 pops up when you talk to the folks in the village. Ewww, smelly socks! Ask for them early!

And Quest #3 shows itself when you first run into one of the many, many spiders on this expedition:

35 spiders sounds like a lot, but don't worry - they're everywhere!

You may ask "But what about all of those red vases on the wall, taunting me?" Well, just in case you have trouble:

Whew, what an adventure!

Very well done!

Happy Adventuring!
Reprinted from Adventure World Official Forum 

London, baby! Win a chance to play poker in London on Nov. 13

IFP_email_4In a few weeks, you could be one of the lucky few staring out to breathtaking views of Big Ben and the Thames River from the London Eye as you're playing in a poker tournament. Get your poker playing on because a seven-day trip with airfare and lodging included is at stake.
We are sending 6 lucky poker fans to represent Zynga Poker in the inaugural Nations Cup that the IFP is hosting in London. Six Zynga Poker ambassadors will make up a poker team and compete against 11 other teams from around the world. The tournament takes place aboard the world-famous London Eye landmark and there will be other fun poker activities for the team throughout the week, which starts November 13.
Zynga Poker's got two ways for you to enter the London tourney sweeps* that's hosted by the International Federation of Poker (IFP). From now until Nov. 1 at 11:59PM PDT, you can buy any chips or gold package to earn an entry. You can get up to 18 qualifying entries by the end of Tuesday night so load up on chips now.
You can also play your way into the London tourney sweeps. Win Round 3 of a shootout before Nov. 1 at 11:59 PM PDT to enter the sweepstakes. So hurry up and start winning now.
Holy smokes. The tournament starts Nov.13. Don't miss out on your chance to win the trip, so jump into Zynga Poker now.
* No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. See official rules to make sure you are eligible.

How to change your board

Hey there Word Star!

Themed boards have arrived in Words With Friends and you can now change your board to something a little more festive.

Here's how to change your board:

*To the left of your tile rack is a "More" button. Click it.
User-added image

*Click the far right icon to show the Board Options menu
User-added image

*From the Board Options menu, select the drop-down to change your board
User-added image

*Click the "Apply" button to commit your selection
User-added image

*You're all done!

*only you can see your themed board, opponents will see the board that they have selected to be used.

Thank you!

Trick or Treat House

Build the Trick or Treat house and redeem your candy for Halloween prizes!

  • Redeem candy for awesome Halloween prizes!

Summary FAQ
  • Q: How can I receive the Trick or Treat House?
    A: You will receive it as part of the Halloween quest line; you have to be level 10+ to receive Halloween quests.
  • Q: Do I need to build the Treats 'N Sweets booth before I can build the Trick or Treat House?
    A: No you do not.
  • Q: Where can I learn more about the Treats 'N Sweets booth?
    A: Please see the Treats 'N Sweets part of the Halloween guide.
  • Q: How can I get more candy?
    A: There are several ways to get more candy. Besides collecting it from the Treats 'N Sweets booth and from feed posts, you can also receive candy as a random drop when you do any of the following in your city: harvest crops/boats, collect rent (includes neighborhoods), collect from businesses, collect from community buildings, chop trees, and during building construction.

Step by Step Guide
  1. Click on first quest in Act 3.

  2. From inside the quest menu, click on the "Place" button.

  3. Place then build the Trick or Treat House (it will take 6 clicks to build it).
  4. Click on the Trick or Treat House to bring up the menu. From here you can see how much candy you have, redeem your candy for prizes, and ask for more candy.

Build the Trick or Treat House and collect more candy today!
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