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Lady Gaga download code expires Sun 7/31 11:59pm EDT

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. The downloading of Lady Gaga's new album will officially end this Sunday 07/31 at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. We advise if you still have an album code to redeem Lady Gaga's new album, please redeem it before Sunday 11:59 pm EST by clicking the link below.

To redeem album code please click here.

For more information of the Lady Gaga's album promotion terms and conditions, click here.

We thank you for participating and for paying with Zynga!

Friday, July 29, 2011

39x39 Expansion not granting mystery animals

We are aware of a situation where mystery animals are not being granted upon completion of the 39x39 expansion. Our development team is working hard to restore the animals as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

New Craftshop Quests Guide

Hey Farmers! It's time for a quest, so get your fruits, vegetables and your tractors ready! In this mission series, you will need to interact with the new Craftshop UI. If you need more info about the new Craftshop features, please click here. Get through all 3 quests and receive the Limited Edition Mechanic Gnome!

QUEST 1: A Fitting Beginning
    -  Get 6 Sawhorses
    -  Buy 1 Craftshop
    -  Harvest 200 of whatever you like

QUEST 1 REWARDS: 100 XP, 5 Love Potions and 1,000 Coins

User-added image

User-added image

QUEST 2: The Big Job
    -  Add a station to your Craftshop
    -  Harvest 1 Pigpen
    -  Make a Yellow Racer recipe once

QUEST 2 REWARDS: 250 XP, 10 Fuels and 2,500 Coins

User-added image

User-added image
QUEST 3: Joy Ride   
    -  Get 12 pairs of Fuzzy Dices
    -  Use a Tractor 15 times
    -  Harvest 1 Orchard

QUEST 3 REWARDS: 500 XP, 1 Mechanic Gnome and 5,000 Coins

User-added image

User-added image

Craftshop Issues (7/28/2011)

Hello Farmers! We have been receiving many reports that mention various issues which mainly focuses around the Craftshop. So far, we have read issues such as:
  • Various Out-of-Sync issues with Craftshop.
  • Issues with adding neighbors as helpers for craftshop.
  • Issues with expanding their craftshop or after expanding their craftshop.
  • Issues with claiming items from the craftshop.
We have submitted all the reports to our studio and will take all our remaining reports to investigate for the other issues as well. Just know that we have received your emails and chats and are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

At this time, we just ask for your patience and we will update you as soon as we have new news. Thank you!

Automate your City!

Check out our official video Intro to City Automation RIGHT HERE!

Benefits of Automation:
Automation Cars and Trucks will reduce the number of clicks you will need to use when collecting and supplying. Cars and Trucks will cover a range of properties and allow you to collect or supply them all at once. The first of these automation tools will be the Rent Collector!

  • Have reached level 35.
  • Have gas and energy available for use.

Q: How to I obtain gas for my Rent Collector?
A: You may request gas from friends by posting a gas request on your newsfeed once every 8 hours, collect gas by helping your friends that have requested gas, or purchase gas with city cash. Your gas can will also regenerate over time. You will also be rewarded some gas for completing your rent collector quest!

Q: Can I store my Rent Collector in my warehouse?
A: No.

Q: What happens if I accidentally delete my car?
A: Vehicles that are deleted will go back into your inventory. Once deleted, you will no longer have access to this tool.

Q: Is there a limit on how much gas I can have in my inventory?
A: Current inventory limit is set to 50. (Exception: Cash purchases will allow you to go over 50 limit)

Getting Started:
Locate your new automation tool on your tool menu.

Select tool and you will be directed to find your new Rental Collector Car in your inventory.

Place and build your Rental Collecter.
5 energy to build
Hiring 2 staff members to activate.
*You may send requests to friends for help or purchase staff using city cash
Using Auto Collectors:
  1. Be sure your car or car/truck is placed adjoining a sidewalk or a road to activate usage.
  2. Once car/truck is placed properly, you will have access to new automation tool on your tools menu.
  3. Click on your rent collector in city to access your Automation Tools Menu
    You will see your available Gas, have opportunity to purchase more gas or ask friends for gas using this panel.
  4. Collect Rent:
    Select automation tool and hover over an area of residences where you would like to collect rent. Your automation coverage area will be highlighted in yellow. Click once to collect rent on all highlighted properties!

Note: Automation will require 1 energy and 1 gas for each house collection. Example: For a coverage area of 5 properties, you will need 5 energy and 5 gas.

(Optional) Once automated collection begins, you may elect to use the stop collection icon on your panel to end automation process before all rent is collected.

Don't worry about the locks! More Automation tools will be coming soon!

Upgrade your City Works!

“Build and Upgrade your City Works to get the works!
Give this business a new look, better payout, and allow more population today!"

Before you get started, Here's a quick summary of this feature!

Benefits of Upgrading your City Works.
  • Increased population cap.
  • Cool new look!
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I delete a City Works, do I have to start the upgrade process again?
A: Yes.

Upgrading to Level 2

  • Reach level 9.
  • Have population of 1150+
Once you have met the requirements, you will see the familiar upgrade arrow above your City Works:

Click the building to bring up the upgrade window. Upgrading to Level 2 requires you to collect building materials. Once you have upgraded your City Works, you will see your newly renovated City Works design! (Materials may be added by requesting help from neighbors or with City Cash)

Result: At Level 2, your City Works supports 650 population.

Upgrading to Level 3

  • Have a Level 2 City Works.
  • Have population of 2800

After you have met the upgrade requirements, click your City Works to bring up the upgrade window. Upgrading to Level 3 requires you to collect required building materials. (Building materials may be added by requesting help from neighbors or with City Cash)

Result: At Level 3, your City Works supports 1050 population.

Get A Room!

Build your Hotel to help speed up your businesses! Make sure to check in to your friend's hotels to gain exclusive rewards.
User-added image

Check it out by playing NOW!

Note: This feature is available for players Level 24+. V
Build your hotel, add some businesses
and invite friends to fill up your hotel faster!
Check out our official video Intro to Hotels RIGHT HERE!

Build a resort in your city!
Surround your hotel with businesses.
Invite your friends to visit your resort.
Upgrade your visitors to VIP guests!
Upgrade your hotel to allow more guests.
Check in to your neighbor's resorts for chance at exclusive items.

  • Q: How often can I invite guests to my hotel?
    A: You can post an invite every 4 hours to invite friends to your resort.

    Q: Do neighbors have to be invited to check in to my hotel?
    A: No! If you have rooms available and your hotel is open, your visitors may check in at their own leisure.

    Q: Does my cruise ship need to be placed in resort area?
    A: No.Your cruise passengers will be drawn to open businesses in your city to shop and will wander over to hotel to check in more often than residents.

    Q: Why do I want to upgrade my hotel?
    A: Upgrading your hotel will allow more VIP and regular guests, as well as faster coin collecting from businesses when you release the stored guests. Upgrading your hotel will also increase your resort area, allowing for more businesses, patrons and potential hotel guests.

    Q: Do I have to pay 30 cash to become a VIP guest in neighbor's hotel?
    A: No. Cash is an option for those that want to bypass requesting and waiting for hotel owner to grant VIP status.

    Q: How do I thank a friend for visiting my hotel?
    A: You will find option to thank your friend by selecting their avatar wandering around in your city.

    Q: Can I store my hotel in the warehouse?
    A: No.

    Q:How do I thank my friends for visiting my Hotel?
    A:Click on your friend’s picture when you see them walking around your city, then click “Send Thanks”.

    Q: How do I collect from my hotel?
    A: You will be able to collect from your hotel like any other business once you have reached your guest goal. For a level 1 hotel, you will be given opportunity to collect once 500 guests check in.
Benefits to Owning a Resort:
  • A new business to earn coins!
  • Enjoy social interaction with your neighbors. Hotel Guests can leave messages in hotel!
  • Businesses in resort area get more patrons and so you can harvest coins faster!
  • Check in to Neighbor Hotels for a chance to get exclusive items.
Resort Owners:
1. Place your hotel.

2. Build your Hotel by collecting materials from your neighbors.
  • Satin pillows
  • toiletries
  • sunglasses
  • beach towels
  • Bathrobe/ slippers
Note: You may bypass neighbor help by purchasing materials for city cash.

3. Name your Hotel and Supply with goods.
*Resort will not accept guests until supplied with goods and opened.

4. Move two businesses into your Resort Area.

*Businesses placed in resort area have potential to turn patrons into hotel guests.

5. Supply your resort businesses with goods to open business and draw in shoppers!

6. Select Arrow above hotel and invite friends to visit your new resort!

7. Invite your friends to become VIP guests.

Your resort Guests may be:
  • Patrons from local businesses
  • Cruise Ship Passengers
  • Your neighbors

8. Release your Guests
Resort Guests:

1. Visit your neighbors.
2. Select hotel to check in.
  • Hotel must be open and supplied for you to check in.
  • Hotel must still have space available for you to check in.
  • You may only check into a hotel once while owner is filling their hotel. Once the owner collects/harvests and empties the hotel of guests, you may check in again to same hotel.
  • You may check into several hotels, as long as they are owned by different players.
3. Once you are a guest in hotel, you can ask to be upgraded to higher floor. Request a VIP room.
4. Owner of hotel will need to accept your VIP request by clicking on his hotel and upgrading you.

*Note: As with many features, if you wish to bypass neighbor requests and save time, you have the option to upgrade yourself to a VIP suite in neighbor's hotel using cash. Note, there are limited number of VIP suites available, you may not always have access to one.
*Note: The higher the floors will give the best prizes.

Upgrading your Hotel:

Your hotel can be upgraded to house up to 1,500 guests, up to 10 VIPs, and accept 1,500 goods each time you supply. Check the requirements for your next upgrade on the upgrade tab of your hotel menu!

Upgrading your hotel will increase your resort area allowing for more businesses to be placed in the vicinity of your hotel. Remember, more business patrons increase your chance of more hotel guests!

Issues purchasing City cash/coins using Internet Explorer browsers

Some users have reported that they have been experiencing various issues when attempting to purchase City Cash or Coins. This issue has been linked with IE (Internet Explorer) browsers.
Please try again using a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Super Crops and gold plated mastery signs

Hey Farmers!

Super Crops have arrived! These new crops grow into super-sized crops that let you earn more coins, XP and Bushels! When you master the Super Crops, you’ll also receive a gold plated mastery sign for your achievement.

Upon entering FarmVille, you will receive the following pop-up. Click on the “Unlock now” button and you will be brought to the “Seeds” section of the Market.

There are nine new Super Crops that can be identified by their gold colored Market Card and the “Super” title at the beginning of their name.

The nine new Super Crops are:
  • Super Cotton
  • Super Pumpkin (Note: These are not the Super Pumpkins from the fan event last year.)
  • Super Yellow Mellon
  • Super Grape
  • Super Watermelon
  • Super Pepper
  • Super Strawberry
  • Super Pink Aster
  • Super Cranberry

To unlock a super crop, you must first fully master the basic version of the crop. For example, if I wished to plant Super Cotton, I would first have to attain level three mastery of the Cotton Crop. If you have not fully mastered the basic version of a Super Crop, you will be unable to plant it, and you will see the following screen when clicking on the “Unlock” button:

Once you have fully mastered the basic version of a Super Crop, you will notice that the crop is still locked in the Market. That’s because you still have one final step to complete before you can start planting!
When you click the “Unlock” button on a Super Crop you have mastered, you will see the following screen:

In order to start planting your Super Crop, you must first get the help of 6 Neighbors. To do this, click on the “Ask Friends” button. The screen above will allow you to see which Neighbors helped you and how much progress you have left. If you wish to skip this step, you can pay Farm Cash to certify the crop immediately.

The Mastery Sign for the basic version of a Super Crop will also allow you to request help from friends by clicking on it and selecting the “unlock” option from the menu. If you have Mastery Signs for basic crops on your farm that have corresponding Super Crops, they will be outlined in blue.

Once you have unlocked your Super Crop, it’s time to start planting! Super Crops have three additional levels of Mastery to complete. Upon fully mastering your Super Crop, you will be awarded with a special gold plated Mastery Sign.

Each time you achieve a mastery level, you will also be able to share packages of Super Crop seeds with your Neighbors for a limited time (7 Days). These seeds will allow your Neighbors to temporarily plant the Super Crop you have mastered, even if they would not otherwise have access to the crop. These seed packets can be found on the Free Gifts page and can be sent to any of your Neighbors.

If you receive a seed package from a friend, keep in mind that the crops still have their original level lock (for example, if strawberries normally unlock at level 20, you would not be able to use the Super Strawberry Seeds unless you were level 20 or above).

Each package you receive contains 20 seeds (this means you can plant a total of 20 super crops for each package of seeds you receive from a friend.)
In addition to the seed packages, you will also receive a one-time coin and XP bonus for each level of mastery you attain for a Super Crop. The rewards are as follows:
  • Super Mastery Level 1 - 1000 Coins and 50 XP
  • Super Mastery Level 2 - 3000 Coins and 150 XP
  • Super Mastery Level 3 – 10,000 Coins and 500 XP

As mentioned earlier in this guide, Super Crops will earn you additional coins, XP and Bushels when planted. Please find the information for each of these crops in the table below:

Each time you find a bushel from a Super Crop, you will be granted 4 instead of the usual 1. Please note that Super Crops only grant bushels for the basic version of the crop. This means that if I harvest Super Strawberries and find a bushel, it will be a normal Strawberry bushel, not a Super Strawberry Bushel. Because of this, you cannot use bushels on Super Crops to gain a Mastery Bonus. 

Happy Farming!
-FarmVille Customer Support

New Crafting Features Guide

Hey Farmers!  Do you like crafting?  Need more stations to craft more items?  Well now you  can!  FarmVille just expanded the Craftshop so you can have up to 6 stations on each farm!

User-added image

Once you look inside, you’ll see a new interface.

User-added image

Players can craft 6 items at the same time, but each item has to be different.  You cannot craft 2-6 bottles at the same time.  You can however, craft one bottle on the Home Farm and another bottle on the English Countryside Farm.


Everyone starts with one station.  All station expansions require the same amount of buildable materials.  In order to unlock a new one, you will need to 5 Wrenches, 5 Pipes and 5 Clamps, so that’s 15 parts total.

User-added image

There are different ways acquiring building parts.  Here’s how:
•    Asking your neighbors for these parts by posting a help request to your feed (click on the “Ask For Part” button for each type of part).
•    Give parts to your neighbors via the Free Gifts page or the “Send Gifts” button.
•    Acquire parts by spending Farm Cash. Click on the “Buy” button for that particular part to purchase all of the particular part that you need (the cost is X Farm Cash, where X is the number of parts left that you need), or buy those parts individually in the Market (you can find them in Farm Aides -> Other).
•    Acquire all needed parts for the building by spending Farm Cash (click on the “Complete Now” button to purchase parts for the rest of the building). The cost is X Farm Cash, where X is the total number of parts left needed to finish the building.
•    Using individual parts already available in your Gift Box.


•    Locked – Stations 2 through 6 are locked by default & require building parts to unlock
•    Empty – The station is not active but  is available to be used
•    Baking – The station is actively crafting an item.  See timer for status..
•    Ready – When your station says, “Get it,” your item is ready to be collected.

Get star masteries by crafting recipes.  The more recipes you make, the more star masteries you earn.  Collect as many star masteries so you can unlock new recipes.  

User-added image

New recipes are locked and require a certain number of mastery stars.  Once unlocked, the recipe is unlocked foreve


•    Kibble - - requires 1 mastery star
•    Dog Treat - requires 1 mastery star
•    Dainty Fence - requires 4 mastery stars
•    Iron Fence - requires 2 mastery stars
•    Moat I - requires 5 mastery stars
•    Moat II - requires 5 mastery stars
•    Moat III - requires 5 mastery stars
•    Moat IV - requires 5 mastery stars
•    Moat Corner I - requires 5 mastery stars
•    Moat Corner II - requires 5 mastery stars
•    Moat Corner III - requires 5 mastery stars
•    Moat Corner IV - requires 5 mastery stars
•    Castle Bridge - requires 10 mastery stars

41x41 Beastly expansion not granting mystery animals

We are aware of a situation where mystery animals are not being granted upon completion of the 41x41 Beastly expansion. Our development team is working hard to restore the animals as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Continue Button

We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties when attempting to make a purchase. When clicking on the "Continue" button in your game you may experience a pause or your pop up option to purchase will not immediately show. We do apologize for this inconvenience and truly appreciate your patience while we are currently addressing this issue.

Tips and Hints: You may try to clear your cache or try using a different web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) which may resolve your issue.

CityVille Forum Problem

We are currently experiencing technical issues on the Zynga forums! Please bear with us, and we'll have them back as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience and we'll see you soon!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Empires & Allies Battle Strategy Guide

Here are some battle strategy tips to guide you through Empires & Allies' campaign and empire battles. Refer here to understand the battle play work arounds and to gain the advantage over your enemies. In a battle, it's not how you win your battles but it's how you lessen your losses.

- Unit Countering -

       This is the most basic battle strategy. Simply pick military units that can counter the
troops of opponents. Hover you mouse over your troops to see their "Great Against" information or refer below.

Land Troops

Great Against: Artilleries, Carriers and Airships
Fair Against: Soldiers, Battleships and Fighters
Poor Against: Tanks, Gunboats and Bombers

Great Against: Tanks, Battleships and Bombers
Fair Against: Artilleries, Gunboats and Airships
Poor Against: Soldiers, Carriers and Fighters

Great Against: Soldiers, Gunboats and Fighters
Fair Against: Tanks, Carriers and Bombers
Poor Against: Artilleries, Battleships and Airships

Naval Troops

Great Against: Artilleries, Battleships and Airships
Fair Against: Tanks, Carriers and Bombers
Poor Against: Soldiers, Gunboats and Fighters

Great Against: Tanks, Gunboats and Fighters
Fair Against: Soldiers, Battleships and Airships
Poor Against: Artilleries, Carriers and Bombers

Great Against: Soldiers, Carriers and Bombers
Fair Against: Artilleries, Gunboats and Fighters
Poor Against: Tanks, Battleships and Airships

Air Troops

Great Against: Artilleries, Carriers and Airships
Fair Against: Soldiers, Gunboats and Fighters
Poor Against: Tanks, Battleships and Bombers

Great Against: Tanks, Gunboats and Bombers
Fair Against: Artilleries, Battleships and Airships
Poor Against: Soldiers, Carriers and Fighters

Great Against: Soldiers, Battleships and Fighters
Fair Against: Tanks, Carriers and Bombers
Poor Against: Artilleries, Gunboats and Airships

- Battle Tips -

Against enemy troops with the same unit type.
     - ex. [5 Artilleries] or [4 Soldiers].
     - This is by far the easiest because you only have to counter 1 type of unit.

Against enemy troops with the same unit type but one or two.

     - ex. [4 Tanks and 1 Soldier] or [3 Tanks and 2 Artilleries].
     - Place units that can counter your enemy troops.
     - Now the tricky part, fighting off 4:1 enemies will also force you to use 4:1 units,
same with the other examples if you are following the countering method. The trick is, you must first kill his or her unit/s that has the lowest number before he or she kills yours.
     - For the example above, aim for the Soldier or the 2 Artilleries first.
     - At most cases, your unit/s will also get killed because your enemies have the advantage too.
     - If that is the case, use a stronger tier unit that can withstand the blow or
     - use a lower tier unit that you no longer need as a sacrifice.

Against enemy troops with 3 different unit types.

     - ex. [1 Artillery, 2 Soldiers and 2 Tanks] or [3 Tanks, 1 Soldier and 1 Artillery]
     - Avoid this kind of encounter as much as possible to lessen you unit losses.
     - For campaign - you will lose a number of units but you can lessen your losses by
using higher tier units and some power-ups against them.
     - For Repelling Invasions - better to hire friends and Expel the Invader.

info from urgametips  
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