Sunday, May 1, 2011

No friends list when gifting or hiring

Q: I 'dont see any of my CityVille friends on the requests page when hiring/requesting. Is this a bug?

A: Probably not. You can't send more than one(1) of each type of request to any friend per day. What this means is if you have 10 friends who play CityVille and you send out 10 Ribbon requests to them, when you then try to send a request for Marble your CityVille list will look blank, since you already sent this type of request to all of your available CityVille friends. The same applies to hiring and general gifting.

If you can see your other friends, but not your CityVille friends, please either wait until requests have reset, or send your requests to the friends available to you (you might get a few new neighbors this way!).

For general information on gifting limits per day please see the following support article > Click Here
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