Monday, October 20, 2014

FREE RARE Skip to Final Round of Shootout Tournament - Zynga Poker

FREE RARE SKIP - Zynga Poker

FREE XP - CityVille

Need extra XPs to level up faster? Here you go, Mayors! 

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FREE COINS - Hit It Rich

Hope everyone is relaxed from the weekend and ready to get the week off to a great start!

Breakfast Coins:

FREE Permit - CityVille

Broaden your City Horizons with these Free Zoning Permits!

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Free Collectible Dice - Zynga Poker

It's Mystery Dice Monday! Click the #Zynga #Poker link below and find out which great Dice collectible you'll get first!

Free 3 Sextant - CityVille

Unfinished Horoscope Map? Here's some Sextant to help you complete it! 

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FREE Chips (Zynga Poker)

Celebrate the beginning of the work week with a free stack of #Zynga #Poker chips!

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