Friends Not Appearing on In-game Friend's List

Hello Charmers,
We have been receiving reports regarding friends not appearing on Friend's List:
          -  FB friends do not appear on the In-game Friend's List when trying to invite them to play Puzzle Charms.
          -  Puzzle Charms friends not appearing on the In-game Friend's List when requesting for Lives.

Rest assured that we are currently looking into both of these concerns. However, please note that a Puzzle Charms player can only request for Lives or Extra Moves from a friend, once every 24 hours. Once a request has been sent to a friend, his/her name will not appear on the In-game Friend's List anymore.
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There is no need to contact support about this issue. What you can do is click on "Fix it, Zynga!" band-aid below so we can know if your account is affected.
Thank you for your understanding.
Puzzle Charms Player Support