Friday, October 31, 2014

FREE XP - CityVille

Be a skilled Mayor with these FREE XP we're giving away! 

Hit the "Like" button if you receive the XPs.

This way ->

FREE COINS - Hit It Rich

Happy Halloween!
Breakfast Coins:

Free Round 2 Shootout Skip (Zynga Poker)

Move to the second Shootout Tournament round in #Zynga #Poker fast! (Just click the link below.)

Free Gems - The Smurfs & Co

Dear Smurfs,
we are happy to announce that all gems that have been incorrectly deducted for items affected by the bug in our Halloween Sale event have been reimbursed to your accounts!
- You might have to refresh your game page to update your gem count. -
[reimbursements are either exact ammount of gems or have been rounded up to speed up the process]
[includes all affected purchases between Oct 29 5.40 a.m. - Oct 29 8.40 a.m. GMT; please contact our support if you have additional claims for compensation]
Additionally, we have also prepared a single-use Redeem Code as a Halloween gift for everyone:
[valid until Nov 30 2014 GMT]

Have a smurfabulous Halloween!

Thanks for your continued support and enjoy playing SCO2!

Play The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound:

FREE CHIPS for Zynga Poker

FREE CHIPS - Zynga Poker



Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Gift - Zynga Poker

Halloween is right around the corner so celebrate in #Zynga #Poker with this great permanent table gift! <-- 50="" are="" available="" span="">
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